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What Puberty Blockers are Like

Before i start this, i'd like to mention that this is only my experience. Not everyone will have the same emotions, side effects, and other happenings that come along with being trans and using puberty blockers. 

Hello everyone,

my name is william, i am a trans man on hormone blockers. i have had the implant for about 4 months now, and if you're a trans man wondering what hormone blockers are like, you've come to the right place. I'll try and make this as simple as possible, so here we go!


Here are some things to know about hormone blockers and getting them:

You have to have a diagnosis for Gender Dysphoric Disorder, whether it be from a doctor or a therapist or whatever.

You also have to have guardian's permission to get the implant (if they're asking, they are very safe, it can be reversable, and you are free to DM me if you or they have any other questions).

You have to have bloodwork done



This is going to be helpful for Californians only, I can't really help you if you live in a homophobic area or a different country, but for a common rule of thumb, the bigger the city, the better. 

LA Children's Hospital has puberty blocker implants for people, and i had a good experience there. The staff was very kind and you get to watch something while the procedure goes on. 10/10, would do again


The procedure only lasts for about 10 minutes, and don't worry, you are numbed up beforehand. the most painful part of the whole thing was the shot of Lidocaine and the headache afterwards. Other than that it's pretty straightforward. You lay down with your hand under your head, and they let you watch something while they insert the blockers. i watched gravity falls.


After the procedure, you are encouraged to not take the bandages off until about 24 hours have passed. You won't be able to do P.E. for a while (obviously), and you can't really use your other arm. 

Some side effects that i experience are:


Hot flashes

General Moodiness

Weight Gain(pretty minor though, i was underweight anyway >:\)

Hope this helps!

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omg u got puberty blockers thats so slay!!!

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thanks king, this is amazing

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