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i'm back at it, with more "interesting" movies, that you can watch on youtube. this time, they aren't all in black and white. but some are!

Boy Meets Girl (1984) dir. Leos Carax

Rusalochka (1976) dir. Vladimir Bychkov

The Grid (1980) dir. Joanna Woodward

Peep 'TV' Show (2004) dir. Yutaka Tsuchiya

Perinbaba (1985) dir. Juraj Jakubisko

Working Girls (1931) dir. Dorothy Arnzer

Penda's Fen (1974) dir. Alan Clarke

Nadja (1994) dir. Michael Almereyda

August in the Water (1995) dir. Gakuryu Ishii

for the record, i haven't seen ALL of these yet. so i can't vouch for how good they are. boy meets girl is quite good, though. nadja is interesting mostly because it was shot on a toy camera (the PXL2000).


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sleepy naya

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THANK YOU!! adding this to my playlist <3

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if i might add, theres a channel dedicated to old asian films mostly, called capitaldisease. also theres a channel called Korean Classic Film which compiled some old korean films. and the last one is legal btw. u might wanna check that out

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