Adam drinks bleach and dies

Saide was busy mixing random chemicals in Cleark’s lab when Cleark walked in with a sheet of paper with random markings on it “What are you doing in my lab, Saide?” Cleark asked, “........making a poison drink for Adam that may or may not contain bleach, like a lot of bleach.” Saide said, Cleark sighed before asking “Do you want me to give it to him?” Saide nodded and handed Cleark the plastic cup. Cleark then walked out and tried to evaporate it with the ability he got from being injected with needles by Saide when he would get angry however the contents in the cup seemed to stay in place instead of evaporating like they usually would. “Little demon must’ve put something in it to stop me from evaporating it…” Cleark mumbled, "That’s right I did, and you will give it to him.” Saide said from behind scaring Cleark “U-uhm…yes Saide!” Cleark stuttered running off. In the room, Adam was in, he was just waiting for Saide to end his torture and put him out of his misery, though that seemed unlikely as Saide would never let his victims out of his grasp. He was pretty much in pain from being revived again so it was pretty pointless to tie him up again..(according to Cleark). As soon as Cleark walked in Adam adjusted his eyes to look at him and noticed that he was holding a plastic cup. “Brought you something if your thirsty..” Cleark told him placing the cup down in front of Adam. Adam couldn’t speak but Cleark could tell what he was trying to say from the look on his face, he then looked around to see if Saide was nearby. He couldn’t see Saide so he whispered as quietly as he could to Adam “There is something he put in the drink, I don’t know exactly what but I know it has to do with bleach, I can’t evaporate it because he put a spell on it preventing me from doing so. Just drink so neither of us will get in trouble, it may kill you, but I don’t know if it will, if you die he’ll just revive you anyways.” Adam trusted Cleark and moved closer to the cup but he couldn’t actually pick it up since he was…pretty weak from being revived again. and again, Cleark noticed this and picked up the cup for him and gently tilted his head back and opened his mouth “This will probably taste gross so just a heads up.” Cleark said before carefully pouring the drink into Adam’s mouth. It tasted weird…as if there was bleach or vinegar in it or something like that… “I told you it would be gross, and yes I can also read minds. Yes it had bleach but I don’t know how much, I already told you this though, I don’t know what else was in it, I just know it had some bleach in it.” Cleark told him. Suddenly Adam started feeling weird…like he was about to pass out…there was also a burning sensation in his throat as well causing him to suffocate a bit… he then passed out causing Cleark to panic “SAIDE! HE PASSED OUT! HELP!” Cleark yelled, Saide appeared behind Cleark “I’ll revive him later when I get bored.” Saide said before teleporting to the entrance hall “CODE IS VISITING TODAY! HAVE MARK CLEAN THE CASTLE!” Saide yelled to Cleark. “OKA-” Suddenly Cleark noticed that Adam was still breathing, Cleark bent down to take a closer look. He realized his throat got burnt and he was about to die, Cleark didn’t want Adam to suffer while dying from the bleach (lmao-) so he went ahead and used magic to stop his heart so he would be dead until he got revived again. Saide appeared behind Cleark “You do realize I saw everything that just happened.” Cleark froze at what Saide told him. “I’m so proud of you! You killed someone!” Saide said making Cleark sigh with relief. But then he thought back to what Saide told him and started to feel guilty. “Awww is the fallen angel feeling guilty that he just killed a person?” Saide asked him in a baby voice “SAIDE I-” “care to say anything else?” Saide asked stabbing Cleark in the back of the neck with a needle. “YOU SON OF A BI-” Cleark passed out before he could finish his sentence, even though Saide knew what he was gonna say. “Oh Cleark, you should already know not to disobey me..” Saide said picking Cleark up.

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remember when i swallowed shampoo irl

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