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please read before sending a friend request!

hey! my name is aradia! :) I am 18 years old (bday in august) and im a huge homestuck! i also really like old flash animations, rocks and minerals and video games!
also, if you do not have your age in your bio i will not be accepting your friend request as i want to make friends with people around my age, and if you do not have your age in your bio i have no way of knowing if you are around my age :,)
i am also not against random pms or comments on my profile! so feel free to do so ahaha! :)
thank you for reading! ^_^ have a cookie! 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

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If you're such a big fan of rocks, name every rock then

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if youre really british name every tea

by Aradia; ; Report

Jokes on you i'm not I just live there

by DonDoe404; ; Report

this reminds me of the time someone on animal jam confessed to me theyd fake being british on youtube for more views

by Aradia; ; Report

The only good thing about being British is when you sound posh people think you're smarter and listen to you

by DonDoe404; ; Report