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list of hysterical quotes from tabletop campaign tonight

He doesn't have rabies, dumbass, it's just being-swedish disorder” - Me, in reference to what is presumably a zombie-like entity.

Meth daddy ain't raise no bitch!” L, after cutting open their hand with their own attack twice. Also, their character's father was joked to have been a meth addict.

Just for good measure, staple his cock.” F, in reference to a person I just killed and stripped naked. There was no benefit to doing this.

Together, we are Big Breasts!” L, I can't even begin to explain this, but ‘we’ referred to I and them.

Ride that dick, Sonny!” L, after I tackled someone on to a bed and slit their throat. That person also did not have a dick.

It's drip or drown, brother, and I'm wearing floaties.” GM, after I asked why L decided to steal and put on a bunch of gold necklaces when we are literally starving in the wilderness nowhere near society.

I'll shove it in, you hold it!” L, in reference to a key and the lockbox to which it belongs.

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