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Web IM release day

What is web IM?

Well it's a instant messaging client that's in your web browser it's a really cool thing that I hope you guys actually really enjoy

Why is it a yooco website?

Well I don't have money to host my own website and it's got that feature built in so I'll just keep it there I honestly going to be there probably as long as the website lives

Why is it a thing?

I mean I know there is retro instant messaging application Revival stuff but I feel like this is way more easier to get in you just create account and then that's it you have nothing else to do you can just go into any chat room you can message your friends you can post on the Forum you can create events on the event page it's really just a digital community of people on their computers

How to make chat rooms 

Well you can just send me a private message either on Space hey or on webim so I can add a new chat room for you seriously it's really easy

Finally the website 

I seriously don't want to keep you waiting it's here under this line of text

The website like I said it was under that line of text

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