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I don't have many things that would make me not wanna be friends with someone. I'm open and honest and not too picky about it. 

Just don't try and flirt with me.

I like to play Dead By Daylight, Black Ops, Silent Hill Slime Rancher, RES4, Cruelty Squad, The Sims 4 and Left 4 Dead.

I also like to read, write, draw, do film and produce my own creative ideas.

I'm also 17, birthday is January 20th :>

I use He/Him but I like to dress feminine cause it's fun.

Warning about myself, I do like to go into depth about dark topics and I can be blunt and come off rude. I try not to do that by adding "lol" or "lmao" after everything. So, if that comes off as annoying, the alternative version makes me sound like I'm insulting you instead of joking.

 If i cross boundaries, you can tell me and I'll be more than happy to respect them. If I slip up, call me out for it. I do also tend to ramble on about the stuff I'm working so so I'm sorry if that gets super annoying.

Oh, also, I post just about anything and everything so if my posts get raunchy or very tmi, you have been warned.

Tha's about it though. FR me if you so please lol

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