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Kin List for funsies

Im pretty much good with doubles of all kinds(except josh from wd2, sorry) I don't take kin tooo seriously but i find it helps me with moods and perspective personally. My kin memories are usually more like little fading glances of daily life and not the most eventful things to explain DX

I'll just drop my most relevant ones...lets go w/ 10, and maybe ill ad some pics for fun <3

1) Josh Sauchak, Watch Dogs 2

2) Robbie Martin, My oc and current icon, silent hill/resident evil

 art byferalg0bin

3) Mituna Captor, homosuck

4) Agent 8, Splatoon 

5)Wallace Wells, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World(comics)

6) Heather/Cheryl Mason, Silent Hill 3

7) Roxas, Kingdom Hearts (sora too lol)

8) Wolfwood, Trigun

9) Zoro, One Piece

10) Farmer, Stardew Valley

Lightning Round: Fischl n sucrose(genshin), Frankie Stein, Dr.Stein(soul eater), Chris Redfield, nepeta n john egbert

man what category would i even put this in......

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