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Top 5 Video Games I Play

Spacehey has provided a great place for people to share and speak on what they want. I'm gonna discuss my personal top 5 video games (that I still play). Remember this is in no specific order because I would feel bad putting some lower than others. I know its ridiculous, ANYWAYS...

1. Spider-Man PS4
I think this goes without saying that this game has truly been magic. From the long awaited hype for the game, to the spectacular (nerdy Spider-Man reference) storytelling this game holds. Spider-Man PS4 is a game that is truly a gem and something I continue to go back to, even if its only to swing around in NYC during these quarantined times. I have yet to play the Miles Morales sequel to the game, but I can already tell you it provides that same, or higher level of enjoyment.

2. Marvel vs Capcom
I'm old enough to remember going to arcades and putting down a quarter to make sure people knew that you were next to play. And growing up with a father who did the same, every summer we'd travel to this amazing vacation spot which had a HUGE arcade. We would play Marvel vs Capcom constantly. The roster in that game was top notch, and only became stronger with the second game. I still believe that the later iterations can't hold a candle to the classic, but that's just me. I have even gone through the trouble of purchasing my father the Arcade 1Up Marvel vs Capcom tower, and we played just like we used to (I destroyed him).

3. Extreme Warfare Revenge
You're thinking "HUH?! What is this?!" Well I am a professional wrestling fan. And being a professional wrestling fan, you tend to believe that you can do the exact things that they do on TV, maybe even BETTER. But instead of admiring the spectacle of it all, I am amazed with the behind the scenes aspect of it all. Extreme Warfare Revenge(EWR) hands you the pen and paper to write, create and share your companie's storylines and matches with friends. Take a soccer manager game and place it in the wrestling world. Its largely text-based but the large volume of customization in this game really makes it stand out. You could either run a company of real wrestlers, superheroes, or even you're friends! YOU decide what happens and after all these years of being released I still play it to this day. Its the only way I can beat up my friends without getting my (real) ass kicked.

4. Super Smash Bros.
Does...does this really need explaining? You can fight Ganondorf as a metal Doctor Mario while a Wii Fit Trainer destroys Solid Snake on a Nintendogs level covered in pok├ęballs. If that doesn't hook you, then I don't know what does. When I worked at my radio station, in between producing shows, we would bust out or Switches and run a few rounds of Smash Bros. leading to many arguments in the studio! Good times. Whether you like fighting games or not, Super Smash Bros. has something for everyone and if you haven't played any of them, start with the GameCube adaptation Super Smash Bros. Melee. Insanity.

5. Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
What's a top game list without Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation? You've heard it from everyone before, but this game is GAME-changing. See what I did there? The focus on cinematic with an equal amount of focus on strategic, stealth game play makes this game stand out above all. Spawning multiple sequels, prequels and spin-offs. Metal Gear Solid is still regarded as one of the best video game franchises of all time (minus that zombie weird BS). And I see it as the groundwork for what games would become many years down the line. Without Metal Gear on the Playstation, we wouldn't have our Assassin Creeds or Uncharteds or God of Wars. BOW DOWN TO THE SNAKE.

Well that's my list. Tell me how great or absolute terrible it is! If there were games you feel like should've been on here then let me know! If I chose top 10 you'd see the Ocarina of Times or Breath of the Wilds or Mario 64s or Resident Evils. But it comes down to the fact that I'm just not playing them as much anymore as these! Hope you enjoy!

-Gabe from CFGstreams

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