March 1st, 2023

omg I'm so sorry I totally forgot about this site LOL. I really for real need to use this more. At least maybe to spam random blogs about whatever. I haven't rlly been doing much tbh. Just working, smoking weed & sleeping. can't say it's a bad cycle but man am I bored.

hm... I guess I've been watching a lot more anime recently. I've finished one called Sugar Sugar Rune, a mahou shoujo (magical girl) anime with a pretty cute art style! I keep all my anime lists updated on my MAL website page! Feel free to add me if you're reading ^_^ I've also watched a scary show called The haunting of Hill House, it's suchhh a good show! I definitely recommend it if you have time to kill, because it is very long as well LOL.

it's slowly but surely getting warmer FINALLY. I'm so excited for sofa season (season between spring and summer) it's my favorite time of the year when it's not so hot or cold and the breeze feels so nice.

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holy shit the legend has returned

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hiii ^_^ I've srsly forgotten abt this site for a bit

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