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another digital rambling i suppoze >w<

i havent written anything in a hot minute but me and my gf/aromate broke up a while ago (still friends, don't worry lol) and as a greyrose/grey-aroace person i was kinda like nah i'm done with romance but as of today i think i like my friend... but we'll see if it lasts because a lot of the time it doesn't, but i kind of hope it does tbh, but also there's a whole situation with her having a girlfriend but figuring out she's aroacespec too so idek what's happening with that.

ignoring all of that, i'm really happy we're friendz bcuz shes fukin gr8-- literally the bestest (minuz will ofc) , so i luv her either way fs.

i'm also stressing over band festival this friday-- we aren't doing too hot on one of our songz and i started getting a whole bunch of tics from all the anxiety, i had ones where my throat was closing up-- not fun. but then i got to see my friend/potential crush so it was all better :)

it also might get pushed to next week, which actually would not be good, bcuz two of the flutes at least wouldn't be able to be there, and we have a featured part in the song that we aren't too good at.

idk what else to write about so BAIIIII

X0X0 tw1gg1e

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