*laughs maniacally in linux*


ever since I switched from my laptop to my desktop pc (a beautiful beautiful baby) I started using the laptop less and less. it was getting noticeably slow and even after a full reset, still manages to crash when using ONLY libre office. *sigh* since it is the device that i take with me when travelling, it's kind of annoying. but lo and behold : linux! and you can make it look like anything you want too! Another good slice of nostalgia for me as my very first computer ran xp!

for anyone who is wondering how i got this look
  • latest version of ubuntu + install cinnamon
  • (OR install Linux Mint)
  • search for "boomerang windows theme"
  • download the desktop theme and the icon pack
  • open your "theme" app
  • select everything
  • voilà! your computer looks... old

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