Adam gets turned into stew LMAO 😂


“Well any plans for the boy?” Cleark asked Saide watching him walk into the place Adam was being kept prisoner in. “Ohhhh I have the most perfect death for him..” Saide told him smiling. “Okay if you say so..” Cleark mumbled getting his needle ready for Cesar. Saide continued walking to the place Adam was currently at.

(POV switch to Adam)

I was having the strangest dream, I saw angels but they had devil horns and were chanting a phrase over and over “HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! LISTEN TO OUR WORDS! LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN UP! Gabriel is coming! Goodbye heaven, for the hells of the earth, have come to take you over! For we have come to take you over!” It wasn’t until I was beginning to question what they were saying exactly that everything had gone completely black…as expected. Black was the only color im used to now… 

(POV switch to 3rd person)

Saide hovered over Adam quietly watching him wake up, knowing what was about to happen to Adam. Saide took one of his fingers out and poked Adam’s cheek softly to wake him up. “Wakey, wakey puppet boy!” Saide told him “I have a surprise for you!” Adam gave a tiredly “what the fuck are you planning?” look towards him “I decided I would let you go……. But I wanna kill you one last time before I let you go.” Adam looked happy before realizing it might’ve been a trick or something. “Don’t worry this will be the most painful one, then I will give you two options.” Adam looked worried when Saide told him this before he knew it Saide was slowly peeling his skin off………with a butter knife (LMAO- IMAGINE GETTING YOU SKIN A BUTTER KNIFE- lol). Adam flinched at the stab of the butter knife which didn’t hurt but once he felt the blade digging into his flesh, he then looked to realize Saide was starting to peel off his skin which hurt like hell, still with the butter knife. “This is fun but you don’t seem to be in pain, so……” He stabbed adam with the butter knife in his chest and sliced open his stomach as he ripped out his intestines. After ripping out his intestines he then started to peel his skin off again, Adam (who surprisingly wasn’t dead yet) screamed out from the pain of his skin getting peeled off. It wasn’t long until Saide had completely peeled all his skin off and all that was left was the middle layer (called Dermis). Adam was crying at this point, Saide then pulled off his tongue and ears before going back to peeling the middle layer off of Adam smiling as he saw Adam cry out in pain. Adam still sat through it, as he knew he would be set free soon, the pain was kinda unbearable though. Suddenly Saide stopped “well I think this should be enough..” he mumbled to himself. Adam looked confused about what he was talking about. “Now what am I gonna do with the rest of you though..” He mumbled looking at Adam. “Oh, I know! I’ll throw you into the pot as a spice!” Saide told Adam as he dragged his body towards a giant pot in the kitchen. 

He put Adam’s body into the pot and started stirring a giant ladle until Adam’s body completely melted into the stew, the only thing that didn’t melt were his bones. He poured the soup into a bowl and started walking over to where Mark was tied up. Mark looked up at Saide as soon as he walked in. He noticed the bowl in his hands and wondered what it was. “Hello, puppet boy! I have food so be grateful.” Saide said giving him the bowl of stew, Mark pushed the bowl back to Saide letting him know that he didn’t want any of the stew. “You must be starving so here, eat the stew!” Saide said taking a spoonful of stew and putting it in Mark’s mouth. Mark gagged as he was forced to eat this disgusting stew that reeked of something familiar but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. After he finished gagging the stew down Saide injected him with a needle causing him to throw up blood “This is so you don’t get full!” Saide told him as he kept injecting him with different needles as he said what their purposes were. At some point, Mark passed out so Saide went back to the kitchen to make more stew. After a couple of minutes, Mark woke back up still feeling sick.  He was met with Saide staring at him holding another bowl of that disgusting stew. “This one is made from a child I found wandering in the woods!” Saide told him forcing the spoon into his mouth. Mark resisted the stew but he was defeated by Saide and was forced to swallow the stew. “Here, you want a bone from the child? It got heated up just enough to where you can eat it like a cracker!” Saide said making him eat the bone. Mark tried to spit the bone out but Saide just forced him to eat it again “You don’t spit your food out! That’s bad manners and now you’re going to time-out.” Saide said dragging Mark over to the corner where he tied him up and left. Mark couldn’t move due to how Saide tied him up and then all of a sudden his head started hurting a lot to the point where he passed out.

Saide came to the kitchen screaming “HE WOULDN’T EAT THE STEW OR THE BONE CLEARK! WHAT DO I DO?!?” Saide yelled “I- uhhh I don’t know? Did you try force-feeding him?” Cleark asked “OF COURSE I DID! I’M NOT AN IDIOT YOU IMBECILE!” Saide screamed throwing the spoon to the ground. “Ugh, how about I try feeding him?” Cleark offered. Saide sighed “ try feeding him.” He handed Cleark the bowl. Cleark nodded and walked off with the bowl.

Cleark walked into the place where Mark was still. He looked at Mark and then proceeded to slap him just to get him to wake up. “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! I WON’T STOP SLAPPING YOU ACROSS THE FACE UNTIL YOU WAKE UP! SO WAKE UP!” Cleark yelled. When Mark woke up, Cleark handed him the bowl and said “You have two choices, you can either eat the stew on your own or I’ll make you eat it, so which do you choose?” Mark held up a number one with his hand. “Good, you chose the easy way, now eat up,” Cleark told him untieing him just enough to where he could eat the stew. Cleark then sat there and watched him eat it. “I know it's nasty, trust me, he used to make me eat it all the time. But he would use me as the stew, then he would revive me and make me eat it, so I can understand that it’s disgusting.” Cleark told Mark. “Here, let me just…..” Cleark then took the stew and evaporated it but made it look like Mark drank it all. Mark looked at him shocked that he just did that for him. “Don’t worry I won’t tell Saide.” He told Mark getting back up and walking out of the room. When Cleark walked out of the room he saw Saide staring at him angrily “So you’re helping him now?” Saide said with his arms crossed, he then slapped Cleark and walked off. Mark who saw what was shocked that Cleark didn’t do anything about it. Then suddenly Cleark had disappeared in front of his very eyes somehow. “Looking into the distance eh?” Saide asked Mark from behind stabbing him in the neck with a needle. Mark looked at Saide with wide eyes before eventually passing out. When Mark passed out Saide picked him up and propped him up on a chair and then tied him up. He then proceeded to wait for him to wake up. When Mark finally opened his eyes he was immediately met with Saide forcing another spoonful of the stew into his mouth “Mark I saw that you didn’t eat your stew!” Saide told him continuing to force more spoonfuls down his throat. Mark gagged down each spoonful which made him sicker the more was forced into him. Mark eventually started vomiting which made Saide gag. “EW! CAN YOU NOT!?!” Saide yelled. He then injected Mark with a needle causing Mark to scream out in pain and even though it hurt a lot the pain felt familiar…… was the pain he felt when Saide turned Mark into his slave. This made Mark panic as he didn’t want his friends to suffer again even though they already were, he closed his eyes not wanting to open them again. He woke up thinking the one thing he thought last time but it was different this time now he only thought “Serve Saide and Cleark”

“Again Saide?” Cleark asked Saide looking at Mark “He wouldn’t eat the stew!” Saide told him, Mark then bowed down to Saide and Cleark “Plus this time he can’t annoy me with his annoying voice!” Saide told Cleark grinning. Cleark gave Saide the “What..?” look “He has an annoying voice, okay?” Saide said with a sassy attitude. “Well may-” Cleark was cut off by Saide threatening him with a needle “-never mind, and I apologize, I spoke out of turn,” Cleark said. “It's fine! Also, could you do me a favor and feed some of this stew to Cesar?” Saide requested “O-oh ok.” Cleark said taking the bowl and spoon over to Cesar’s room. “Hey, I brought food!” Cleark said walking into the room Cesar was in “Oooh! What is it?” Cesar asked “It’s uhhh……t-tomato soup! Y-yeah tomato soup!” Cleark stuttered “Oh, I’m not a huge fan of it but it still tastes good!” Cesar said, “Here, this is different tomato soup, we used fresh tomatoes so it should taste different!” Cleark told him to feed it to him. “WOW! THIS TASTES GOOD!” Cesar said surprised it tastes good “Thanks, Saide made it-” Cesar immediately choked on air when he heard that “The child’s a good cook?!” Cesar said shocked the demo- I mean Saide could cook. Suddenly he felt a shiver down his spine thinking back to the child. Once Cesar finished the stew he asked “What are the ingredients in the soup anyways?” “.........I-it’s a child, I’m so sorry I lied but I had to others wise he would-” “I would what?” Saide said behind him. Saide then injected Cleark with the needle he injected Mark with that made him a slave. “This is for the 2nd warning Cleark.” “y-yes I understand..”  Cleark said taking the needle out of his neck and throwing it to the side. “And his LAST one, he messes up again I kill his family in front of him- Oh wait I already did that!” Saide said starting to laugh like a maniac. This scared Cesar to the point he passed out. “CE-” “oh suck it up Cleark. Plus any second now you will be my slave until you learn your lesson.” Saide said. “O-oh no sir I wouldn’t wanna end up like Mark again!” at that moment Mark walked into the room bowed down and stood there “We didn’t summon you, Mark, go back,” Saide said, Mark then left and went back to the entrance room where he was waiting to be summoned.

Back with Adam, he was crying in pain as even though he had been revived and had no visible injuries, he still felt the pain from before. Suddenly Saide walked in seeing him cry “oh suck it up, Adam!” Saide told him “Well, I’m a kid of my word so here are your two options, your first option is, to be my friend and your second option is to be my slave. Which do you choose?” Saide asked. Adam held up one with his hand. “Good choice now let’s untie you,” Saide told him walking over to him, once he finished untieing Adam he injected him with a needle “Now you can talk again, so……..hello friend.”


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