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life update (im alive)

this weekend my new backpack came and omfg its so adorable i love it sm but when i took it to school i was so nervous all the time for the past 2 days i felt like vomiting i heard a lot of people make rude comments about it right next to me thinkign i wont hear(??) but i got som e compliments

i just realized tht sm has happened over the past few weeks?? ill make separate blogs on some of them i have a lot to say

look at how kunty moa is in the light and darkness mv i literally screamed this might be the first time ive ever been hapy to get a bm live mv

also i think i might have an anxiety disorder cuz wtaf even before i got that pink bunny backpack i just feel so ???!?!?!?!? like i just feel so uncomfortable all the time and i had 2 panic attacks last week

oh yeah nd today teachers are striking again so im at home again yayyy apparentely thrres 2 strikes in a row next week im so excited 

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Ᏼᥲɾꪮᥒꫀ᥉᥉ᏙᏴꪮᥒᏴꪮᥒ 🍬

Ᏼᥲɾꪮᥒꫀ᥉᥉ᏙᏴꪮᥒᏴꪮᥒ 🍬's profile picture

I'm looking forward to the double strike too hewohewohewohe~

No clue what I'll do tho. I'm TERRIBLE for procastinating

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omfg same i literslly end uo doing the work the morning i need to submit it BYE

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