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Just a lil blog to log in my trips <3ย ๐“‹ผ

Ate shroomies just like that ;P

:) movies look v v cool n satisfying

:( I can feel the crushing weight of all my anxieties at once

:) pretty green

:( no ones real and you said something wrong WRONG WRONGWRONGWRONG

:) hobbit

:( my fav chocolate tasted like mushย 


Ate mycobar 4g shroomie bar flavored with hazelnut n it was sooo good. my brother gave me some of his strawberries n cream n it was soooo good

ate like 7 pieces over the entire night and it got me decently high, would like to go up in dosageย 

:0 movies still looked great

:( eating is yukyย 

:) I had less anxiety because I was preoccupiedย 

Imma go for a walk or something this time when i take them tonight.

i also wanna try to personalize this account more (try)

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