Dreamdela Catalogue (MC AU) part 1

Black. The only thing Mark could see was black, it was like this for a while. When he could see again he looked up to see the alternate that killed him, everything went black again but this time it was different he could hear whispers. This whispering went on for a good while and it was driving him crazy as well as he couldn't pin down what they were saying. After a while, he could see again but what he saw made him scream, he saw the archangel Gabriel, and he realized that he was the one whispering, Gabriel said that he (Mark) had made a bad decision and would then be punished for his actions. The next thing Mark knew was that he had been taken somewhere, he then experienced large amounts of pain in different places. When the pain stopped he felt…different. Some part of him changed but before he could tell what had changed everything went black once again.


He woke up once again halfway awake, he realized his head felt like it was gonna explode. When he fully became self-aware he noticed he was alone. He was laying down on a hill that felt fake when he took a good feel the hill felt…weird. It wasn’t there but he could see it and feel it but it felt like..a cloud. Ignoring the hill he looked around. It was all just a field with nothing in sight except there was a cloud. With a black square in it. A random voice in his head asked him “Don't you wonder what’s inside?” he was very curious about what was inside, so he stepped closer to it. It glitched in front of him but he went inside anyways.

Inside there was another piece of field. But this time there was a church in the middle of it, nothing else around. Suddenly that voice asked him once again “Where’d the sun go?” that’s when the blinding lights dimmed down. That’s when he no longer felt alone like something was lurking around somewhere, but he shrugged it off and walked into the church. When he walked in it took him to another different place. It was a space with clouds in it and when he turned around the place he came from disappeared completely. Suddenly these eyes with wings flew down and stared at him for a minute inspecting him completely. When they were done inspecting they spoke to him “do not fret” they said, “Wh-what do you want from me?!” Mark stuttered “we do not ask for much, all we need for you to do is wake up.” the said calmly he looked at them confused “wake up? What does that mean?” he asked, “You aren’t safe, get out.” they answered, “but what do you mean by tha-” everything went black again.

He opened his eyes again to be met by ₵Ɇ₴₳Ɽ staring at him. His face was covered by a black hole, but he kept his standard form and style. “Are you okay?” he asked in a scared manner. “Y-yeah, I’m fine” Mark answered, “you were there for quite a while, I was starting to get worried.” ₵Ɇ₴₳Ɽ addressed, then out of nowhere he said, “I-I'm Cҽʂαɾ Tσɾɾҽʂ.” Mark looked at him and started to get angry at his introduction and yelled “YOU ARE NOT CESAR YOU DIPSHIT! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?”  Cҽʂαɾ Tσɾɾҽʂ then said “But I’m Cesar Torres, now tell me. Who are YOU?” Mark then said, “I’m Mark Heathcliff you bastard. Now, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FRIEND YOU SON OF A BITCH?!?” Cҽʂαɾ then mumbled to himself “this man is marketing off a cliff..”

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY?!” Mark yelled. Cҽʂαɾ then disappeared without a trace. 

“FUCK!” Mark yelled confused and angry. He then got up and finally inspected his surroundings. He had appeared in a neighborhood that had an orange tint that made it look like there was a sunset in the background. People were standing around doing things however they were blacked out and didn't seem to notice mark. They were breathing but it looked like they were frozen in place for eternity however, it felt like they were staring at him. After walking around he found a door with a light coming out of it. He stepped in and there was a huge white space with a singular tree in the middle that had an eye that stared at him no matter where he went. There was another door on the opposite side of the space. He attempted to walk over to it but it felt like it was moving away with every step he took. “Why am I even here?” Mark mumbled to himself. “Because you needed to be punished for what you have done.” a strange voice whispered. “WHO’S THERE?!? SHOW YOURSELF, YOU BASTARD!” Mark yelled filled with anger and confusion. Then everything went dead silent for a second. “Who are you calling bastard?” The voice asked. “YOU! YOU IDIOT NOW WHERE IS MY FRIEND?” He then thought back to the tree he saw when he came in. That’s when he turned around to look at the tree and found it had disappeared. That's when Cҽʂαɾ appeared again but this time he stood taller than he did last time. He felt nervous about being in this area so he decided to move somewhere else but when he tried to move he got stuck, it was like someone had glued him in place and tied up his arms. Cҽʂαɾ then walked closer to Mark slowly losing his form with each step. Mark screamed for him to get away and that he needed to let him go but Cҽʂαɾ refused and continued to torment him as his form was fading. When Mark saw who Cҽʂαɾ was and his form he gagged as his form was all melted and looked like goo. “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Mark yelled just wanting to go home. “B-but I’m Cҽʂαɾ I’m supposed to be your friend…” Cҽʂαɾ said menacingly in a distorted voice. “YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND! YOU ARE NOT CESAR! WHERE IS CESAR?!?” Mark screamed at the top of his lungs feeling hopeless. “I do not appreciate this attitude sir,” A voice in the back told him “WHO ARE YOU?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!? GO AHEAD AND SHOW YOURSELF!” Mark cried out. “I know your name but you don’t know mine, I speak in rhymes and control time, if you wish to leave, you need a key just don’t let the clock strike past three.” The voice taunted him. Mark didn’t know what the voice meant but he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his stomach, when he looked down he saw that he had been stabbed with- a clock hand? Mark didn’t know what that meant but then suddenly everything went black. 

Mark woke up in a cage dangling above some type of liquid, it looked like the blood that came out of him when he got stabbed- he then noticed another person there, he looked human not having his face blacked out, and he wore a rainbow shirt with jean shorts and had eyes in his hair alongside hairpins. He said his name was Jonah Marshall. The name sounded familiar to Mark when he heard Cҽʂαɾ scream out in pain. Mark rushed to the edge of the cage to see what happened but that shook the cage and he heard a snap. Four ropes were holding up the cage and one of them just snapped because of Mark. “What are you doing?” Jonah asked him. “I’m TRYING to see what's going on,” Mark replied. “Y’know Mark we were friends when you were-” “LISTEN HERE I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUT WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS! HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW MY NAME?!?” Mark interrupted. “How… DARE YOU INTERRUPT ME! DO YOU KNOW JUST HOW RU-” “I Honestly don’t care what you think Jonah.” Mark once again interrupted. Then they heard another rope snap. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT IF YOU HAD JUST STAYED HOME AND NOT HELPED CESAR THEN WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS MESS RIGHT NOW!” Mark looked at him blankly now tearing up. Jonah also went quiet now feeling guilty for what he said to the ark. That's when mark stood up and finally decided to inspect his surroundings and that's when he noticed the clock in his hand at 9:32 pm. “Don't let the clock strike pass by three..” he mumbled to himself “w-what?” Jonah managed to stutter out “we need a key.” Mark said, “but where do we find one?” Jonah asked. Mark started looking inspecting every part of the cage that's when he found a key tied to the side of the cage hanging out on the outside, it was on the side jonah was on. “Hey..you see that key right there?” Mark asked. Jonah noticed the key and nodded “could you like…grab that for me?” Jonah nodded and grabbed the key. He started to carefully make his way over to Mark with the key in hand making sure not to drop it. He handed the key to Mark and tried to look for a lock. He eventually found the lock and unlocked the cage. He stopped and looked for something that could lead out of this place and that's when he found a piece of concrete that was being held up by some chains. He stepped on the piece of concrete that shook upon his weight of him but managed to hold stable. Mark then held his hand out for Jonah as he slowly made his way over to where Mark was. Mark then noticed that one of the last two ropes remaining was about to snap until it snapped completely leaving the cage to fall on its side as there was only one more rope holding it up. Jonah panicked as it fell over and fell onto the side. Jonah feared as he looked up to see that he had been challenged to climb up the flooring. He carefully climbed up slowly while Mark still held his hand out for him. Mark feared that he wouldn't be able to make it but still held out for him. Jonah reached up for Mark’s hand as the last rope was about to snap. Jonah finally got a grip on mark’s hand and Mark pulled him up as the last rope snapped and the whole cage fell into the liquid below. Jonah’s heart sank seeing it fall thinking about what would’ve happened if he was still in the cage. “Sorry for the way I acted earlier..” jonah said out of the blue.  “Y-you think it was my fault?” Mark said tearing up “well I didn't mean it like that…” Jonah said, “I just mean you know that it was risky to try to help Cesar..” Jonah said, “Where even is Cesar, I mean I heard him scream but I don't see him anywhere.” Mark asked. “I saw Cesar earlier..” Jonah mumbled, “really, WHERE?!” Mark interrogated jonah “uh.. He said he was going to check out the place I think..” jonah said shaking his head. Mark then looked for what to do next and noticed the clock said 10:12 pm. “Also what do you mean by don't let the clock strike three?” Jonah asked confused “I don't know what it means..” Mark answered, “well let's just find a way out of here!” Jonah said. Mark then decided to look around spotting a door on the ground level, he then saw a wire which he decided to pull on that then make the piece of concrete move around until it reached the ground level. Mark and Jonah then got off of the concrete part and proceeded to make their way over to the door by which they were stopped by Cҽʂαɾ “YOU CAN'T LEAVE THIS PLACE,” he said in a menacing tone repeating some of the words. Jonah stood behind mark scared while mark stuttered out some words “Y-YOU CANT KEEP ME HERE YOU BASTARD” Cҽʂαɾ then stopped at what Mark said “THAT ISNT A WAY TO SPEAK TO YOUR FRIEND LIKE THAT” he said “WELL GUESS WHAT BITCH, YOU ARENT MY FRIEND” Mark yelled taking his gun out and pointed it at Cҽʂαɾ. “You’re going to regret saying that,” Cҽʂαɾ told him with a death-like glare. Mark looked at the time, it was already 10:28. By this point Mark was freaking out because they had wasted 16 minutes arguing with Cҽʂαɾ. Mark then decided to shoot Cҽʂαɾ as a distraction and ran past him holding jonah’s hand to make sure he wouldn’t be left behind. “So do you even know where the key is Mark?” Jonah asked. “No, but we have to find it and escape before three according to the voice I heard. “Are you sure you’re not just going crazy?” Jonah followed up. “I’M NOT FREAKING CRAZY” Mark yelled filled with anger. Jonah backed up as his (Mark's) eyes started to glow red and yellow like fire. “WHAT?!? ARE YOU BACKING UP BECAUSE I’M JUST SOOO CRAZY!” Mark then fell to the ground with blood coming out his mouth, Cҽʂαɾ had knocked him out with an iron bar that was lying on the ground. Jonah looked at Mark lifeless on the floor scared and then fearfully looked back up at Cҽʂαɾ. “He isn’t dead Jonah, just… knocked out,” Cҽʂαɾ told Jonah. “The kid went crazy a while ago, I guess the whole being dead thing got to his head and he went crazy.” Jonah then smiled at Cҽʂαɾ “I guess it all went according to plan.” Jonah said to Cҽʂαɾ. Then someone fell from the sky. “HEY! WE HAVE TO CATCH THEM!” Jonah yelled at Cҽʂαɾ. Cҽʂαɾ ran over and caught them and put them on the ground. “What’s your name?” Cҽʂαɾ asked. “i-am Cesar…” Cesar told them. “YOU CAN’T BE CESAR! I’M CESAR!” Cҽʂαɾ screamed. Cesar then glanced around confused and noticed Mark on the ground. “WHAT HAPPENED TO MARK?!?” Cesar screamed with fear. “Oh, you mean him. Yeah, he went crazy” Jonah answered.  “Wh-WHAT?!?” Cesar said running over to Mark and picking him up. “He-hey buddy w-wake now it's me, Cesar, you- you need to wake up now!” Cesar said with tears in his eyes. Mark slowly woke up rubbing his head. “C-Cesar?” Mark said still in pain. Cҽʂαɾ disappeared as soon as Mark woke up. “Why are you here? If you’re here that…means… YOU DIED?!?” Mark said starting to cry. “Wow, I never expected you to cry over me. Guess you’re the baby now.” Cesar said mocking him a little. “NOT FUNNY DUDE!” Mark said trying to punch him in the face. Jonah kinda just stood there awkwardly watching the two poke fun at each other. “Uhhhh can you’ll do this later, we kinda need to try to find the key as it is now 1:45,” Jonah said putting his little act back on. “OH SHI-” Cesar cut him off as he didn’t like it whenever Mark was to swear. “Watch your language, Mark,” Cesar said boldly. “Fine. AT LEAST MY MOM IS STILL ALIVE!” Mark said with pride. Cesar made a >:0 face then ran after Mark yelling at him. Jonah is standing there confused wondering what is going on. Mark then realized that they were both wasting time and asked Cesar to stop playing with him. “I saw something over there earlier,” Jonah said pointing at a black space in the clouds that sat still on a hill. “Alright, that's where we will check first then,” Mark said. At this point, Cesar went from confused to very confused. Mark noticed “I’ll explain all of this to you later..” Mark said, “Ok but where are we?” Cesar asked. “If I’m being honest with you Cesar I don’t have a clue” Mark answered Jonah then came up and said, “..we’re in this place called Dreamdela county.” Cesar went over to the cloud and stepped into the black space. “CESAR WAIT UP” Mark yelled, grabbing Jonah’s hand and dragging him to the cloud. “NEVER YOU’ll JUST HAVE TO CATCH ME, SLOWPOKE!!!” Cesar yelled in a taunting voice. Mark finally made it just as Cesar decided he was going to pretend to fall into the black space backward. 

When he got teleported he was met with him falling onto a hard surface. It was nice but something was off. It was purple and green and it seemed to glow and be made out of plastic. “Ok. WHERE ARE WE!?!” Cesar yelled still confused af. “Oh! This place..never thought id see it again..” Jonah said. “What do you mean… see it again?” Mark asked. “...Y-You do realize I've been here longer than you right?” Jonah said. Mark checked the time and freaked out, it was 2:40 already. “HOLY SHI-” Mark was once again interrupted by Cesar. “Say it CALMLY. Now what?” Cesar asked. “WE ONLY HAVE TWENTY MINUTES TO ESCAPE!” Mark yelled worrying everyone. Then suddenly time was frozen. “What? What happened?” Mark said confused.  “I froze time,” said a mysterious voice. “Wait is that who I think it is..?” Jonah said in a breaking tone almost about to tear up. Another person walked out of one of the bushes nearby. They wore a hoodie with the letters “BPS” on them and had a tv as a head. “A-Adam?” Jonah said about to cry. The person then took the tv off their head. “Heeeeyyy Jonah, miss me?” Said, Adam. “Wait your the guy that delivered my pizza once,” Cesar said. “YEAH! AND YOU GAVE A HORRIBLE TIP! I DON’T WANT A RACOON AS MY TIP SIR!” Adam yelled. “THAT WAS A GREAT TIP! Cesar yelled, “IT ATTACKED ME LATER THAT NIGHT!”Adam yelled. “THEN WHY DID YOU TAKE THE RACOON?!?” Cesar yelled. “YOU FORCED ME TO! YOU HELD A GUN AND SAID IF I DIDN’T TAKE THE TIP YOU WOULD SHOOT MY MOTHER!” Adam yelled, “Cesar did you take one of my guns and threaten to shoot his mother if he didn't take the raccoon?” Mark asked. “No, it was fathers gun that I stole from him,” Cesar stated. “Let's just stop fighting..” Jonah said attempting to break up the yelling. “CRAP IT’S 2:53!” Mark yelled “uh…I already stopped the time” Adam said. “Oh my clock still works though-” Mark slowly calmed down reducing the stress he’s been having this whole time “just breathe in..and out Mark..” Cesar said behind him in a soft, calm tone. Jonah came up behind Adam and hugged him “Woah! You seem to miss me a lot buddy” Adam said as he almost toppled over from the sudden ambush. Jonah’s grip on Adam got tighter “O-okay Jonah I think you can let go now!” adam said feeling squished but jonah’s grip only got tighter until it became harder for adam to breathe.  “JONAH LET GO OF ADAM” Mark yelled and punched him till his ass was off of Adam. “STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ADAM!” Mark yelled. “Why? Do you liiiikkkkee him?” Cesar taunted. Adam stared at Cesar blankly for a minute before ignoring what he said completely “what- no I don't like him!” (please don't take this as a ship please it's just Jonah trying to kill Adam) Jonah said looking to the side. “Well we should get going now,” Adam said. Mark nodded and followed Adam. Cesar went over to jonah who was still on the floor and helped him up and then followed Adam.

Adam then led them to a house that seemed to have lips for a door and two big eyes for windows. “Where are we and why are we here Adam?” Jonah asked. “Oh, this is the place I've been staying in for a while... it's safe so don't worry,” he said opening up the door. When they walked in the inside was decorated with bright yellow walls and black carpeted floors that seemed to be from an old arcade. The walls had a few eyes on them that would blind and would follow them around. There were also random clouds in some parts of the room, and there were flowers and faces on the walls that would change from time to time. Cesar took a seat on the couch making himself feel at home, the couch also apparently had eyes and stared right into his soul from behind Cesar “I don't think you should be sitting on that couch..” Mark said. “So, does anyone know where we can get food because this place doesn’t have a kitchen?” Adam said. “Then how tf are you alive right now???” Cesar asked very confusedly about what was going on. “We’re not alive, remember?” Mark informed him (Cesar). “Oh, right I forgot,” Cesar said. “Y’know what let's just go,” Jonah said getting frustrated with the group. Mark then walked off to explore the entire house.

He walked into this long hallway with a large eye on the wall that stared back at him and the end of the hallway there was a picture frame with a key in it. Mark had a bad feeling seeing the key at the end of the hallway, but he walked towards it anyways. When he reached the picture frame and touched it, the key inside disappeared and Cҽʂαɾ appeared behind him. The key was a trick. “Great, a fake key,” Mark said with a sigh. “I’ma head back.” He turned around only to be met with Cҽʂαɾ staring at him, smiling. “Where do you think you are going, FRIEND?” Cҽʂαɾ asked as his smile melted into a disturbing frown. “GET AWAY FROM ME!” Mark said horrified at the sight of Cҽʂαɾ. Mark tried to run back but Cҽʂαɾ tied him up with a weird purplish-black substance. “HEY LET ME GO NOW!” Mark screamed. “MARK WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN THERE?” Adam yelled from the other room. “HEY ADAM-” Cҽʂαɾ covered his mouth with the substance so he couldn’t get help. “JONAH MARK NEEDS HELP!” Adam yelled. Then Mark started to sink into the floor below him leading him into the basement. Cҽʂαɾ then tied him to a chair and started torturing him.

Upstairs with the others Adam, Cesar, and Jonah all stood there with a concerned looks on their face trying to process what they just heard from Mark. “MARK!!!” Cesar said gliding to the basement Mark was in. “CESAR WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE??? YOU NEED TO RUN!” Mark yelled as he was getting punched in the face. “I CAN’T JUST LET MY FRIEND SIT HERE AND SUFFER” Cesar yelled. “JUST LEAVE ME HERE!” Mark yelled. Adam then came behind Cesar and pulled him out of the basement. “ADAM GET THIS GUY OUT OF HERE AND UNTIE ME!” Mark yelled. Then suddenly Adam fell to the ground bleeding. Behind Adam stood Jonah with a fist made of the weird goo. Cesar stared at Jonah surprised and feeling betrayed. “WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU JONAH WE NEED TO LEAVE BUT YOU KEEP TRYING TO MAKE US STAY!” Mark yelled still being beaten up by Cҽʂαɾ. Jonah then knocked out Cesar.

Jonah then went to Cҽʂαɾ’s side and said that Mark was going to stay here whether he liked it or not. Cҽʂαɾ then unfroze him and Mark started freaking out after five minutes it was 3:02. “WTF IS WRONG WITH YA’LL!” Mark screamed. “Now you have to stay here with us forever,” Jonah said in a stern voice. “LET ME GO PLEASE!” Mark yelled. “Hmmm, how about….NO,” said Cҽʂαɾ. Jonah then stabbed Mark causing him to scream out in 

pain. Mark passed out and when he woke up he was tied to another chair but it was made of metal as soon as he was about to scream for help, everything went black again. He then happened to wake up in this black space, with a tv in front of him. When he walked closer to the tv a person in a greyish-black hoodie popped up. Mark somehow recognized them as the person who would visit him when he was a child, he remembered that his name was….it was Intruder. He said that Mark needed to leave before- everything went black again. This time Mark woke up in the clouds meeting with those angels again. “Why am I here?” Mark asked in a stern bold voice. “Watch your tone, mister.” said one of the angels “We are here to tell you to wake up.” said another one. He then woke up in a chamber that was filled with a green liquid and had wires going through his body. Mark couldn’t speak because he had a breathing mask covering his mouth. His body was still limp but he could see very obvious changes in his body. For example, he now had black gooey fists instead of hands, and he could feel that his head was heavier and felt more like a box than a head but he couldn’t remove the parcel so it wasn’t a mask. He looked down to see that his wound had been healed.  Cҽʂαɾ appeared in front of him and untied him “hope you like the new changes.” he said with a huge smile on his face. He still couldn’t talk and he started to black out. The last thing remembered was Cҽʂαɾ’s ugly smile. He woke in another chamber but it wasn’t filled with water or any type of liquid he was tied to a chair and above him was a lightning rod. Cҽʂαɾ was in front of him with a button in his hand and gave Mark a choice. “You can either save Cesar and be turned into my slave or let Jonah kill him and-” “LET CESAR LIVE!” Yelled Mark. “Good choice Mark.” Jonah let Cesar go and teleported him to safety while Cҽʂαɾ pushed the button and lightning started shocking Mark until he passed out. He then woke up with only one thing on his mind “Serve Cҽʂαɾ.”

   End of part 1

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