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cat cafe trip!

yesterday my partner and i went to the nearby cat cafe, and i got some pictures. i know i already posted this as a bulletin, but i think i'll post it here to for safekeeping. maybe i'll even talk about each of the pictures. who knows!! i sure don't.

when we first entered, there were a lot of people. more people than cats. so most cats who weren't resting were busy with other people, making it hard to get pictures. another reason it was hard to get pictures was because most of the cats were kittens, and they wouldn't sit still. so i'd end up with pictures like this.

a blurry closeup of a cat sniffing the camera.

we also saw these two cats snuggling in a corner. we checked on the board with all the cats' profiles, and it turns out they're almost always together. while i didn't get a good picture of them together, here's one of them with their tongue out.

A black cat squinting. The cat's tongue is poking out a little.

some of the kittens were running around at this point, so i got maybe two decent pictures of them even though they were constantly jumping around. two of them (siblings?) looked really young, probably just a few weeks old. they reminded me of our cats when they were just about four weeks. i'll put pictures of two of the kittens below.

in a corner by a window and below a decorative plant there was a young cat sleeping in the cutest positions. the cat's sibling was nearby, on a platform above the decorative plant. 

and here are some pictures of the cat below the plant cat tree thing.

around that time, a kitten started to get sleepy on one of the cat tree things. i knew it was my best chance to get pictures.

okay, that's pretty much it! we left soon after that. they limit you to an hour stay, which makes sense. the place is constantly very full. 

oh right. i almost forgot. they had some cat plushies in their little store, so we ended up getting one. it was really hard to figure out which one to get because we liked them all.

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Sativa cyrus

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Also i sooooo need that cat tree for my cat

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yes!! looks amazing, and i'm sure my cats would love one like that, too.

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Sativa cyrus

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Hey so these cats are absolutely adorable!!! And my bsf is trying to figure out how to post theirs! How do you add pics?? Plz help

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hi!! sorry about the late response. are you asking how to add pics to a blog post? i'm pretty sure what i did, after starting a new blog post, was click on the "insert image" button, which kind of looks like an image itself. then i put the URL connected to those images into the "insert imagen URL" section. (you can upload an image to imgur or a similar site and then copy-paste the url into the URL section.) i hope this is helpful. sorry if i completely misunderstood your question, too!

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Thank you! You answered exactly what i was asking! I really appreciate it!:) :)

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so jealous omg. those are some adorable cats

nice photos btw i love the first one haha

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radio galaxy

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so cute!! the little mouth in the first pic aww, this looked like so much fun

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