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Ships(some) They should stop existing

there are so many ships that ruin some fandoms that it makes you want to even leave them, some fans of games, animes whatever it is, there will always be someone to fight about ships, saying that this one is better than that one, that one is better than that one, it sucks ರ⁠_⁠ರ

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Or when they make the whole thing about the ship. It's so uncomfortable and ruins the whole experience, especially because they dismiss the whole plot of the story.

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YES, when they totally change the couple's personality, like in Sonamy, sometimes Sonic becomes obsessed with Amy, or when it's Sonadow Sonic becomes a helpless girl kawaii

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If it’s canon and not problematic I don’t mind, but yeah people always ship the strangest things so. It becomes a problem for everyone.

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Exactly, if it's canonical, no problem

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I don’t mind SOME non-canon ones, as long as it’s in character and reasonable. But I’ve seen some ships I do not think should be a thing.

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Ships shouldn't exist at all. It is extremely weird. Unless like, the author or creator were like, IDK. I just think it's weird

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yes man, and it's always a couple that doesn't even chemistry you

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