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Squids are terrifying.

Yeah, that's it. That's the post. Squids are terrifying.

First of all, they can grow to be absolutely massive. Whether they're deep in the ocean or at the surface, they are dangerous and scary to encounter. Their tentacles are also lined with literal blades that can just rip into your flesh the instant they grab you. 

They have this one massive eyeball that just stares at you, emotionless. They don't even blink. And for a massive squid, that eye can be as big as, if not bigger than, your own head.

Next, they're insanely strong. The story that always haunts me is the one about the guy who got dragged into the ocean by one. It pulled him down so fast, that it instantly burst his eardrums. It also broke at least one of his bones (his arm, if I remember correctly) just by squeezing it. 

Or maybe, the squid broke his bone with its beak. Yeah, squids have beaks for some reason, and they are strong and sharp enough to snap a bone as if it were a carrot.

The icing on the cake is the fact that some squids have the ability to rapidly change and flash colors, which they do to intimidate their attackers. So, imagine getting killed by one of these things and its body is just strobing red and white like it's a rave. What the hell, man. Why are they so creepy!?

So, to end off this post, I would like to just say that eating squid is 100% okay because they are some creepy bastards. Just don't eat octopi. Don't ever eat octopi. Octopi are adorable, intelligent, and if you don't feel sad eating octopus soup then you are a monster.

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