026 - Art

♥  ガチ恋粘着獣 ~ ♥

[Hina and Subaru / Kotono and Cosmo / Mitsukuri and Ginga from ガチ恋粘着獣 ~ネット配信者の彼女になりたくて~].

This was to celebrate finally seeing Mitsukuri show up... and then while working on this, the drama got announced...so double celebration~ [praying someone else translates the drama...] I want to make those dolls real... Maybe after my current project [but I need 2 finish my current project bc it ties into my game hehe <3]

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WOW!!!! amazing art love to see a pixel artist in my feed good job,,, I was reading this manga up to the point where cosmo goes on a date with that highschooler and I got so stressed Im to scared to read what happens next,,,,, keep up the good werk

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thank you!!! it doesnt end badly if you wanted some good news [im personally sensitive to that kind of stuff, so i was nervous too so i get it, especially since im translating it myself so it went by. super slow.]

I never meet anyone who likes that manga so if you ever got back into it n wanted to talk about it lmk hehe!!!!! [ive seen like barely anyone on non-jp twitter talk about it]

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oh good thanx for letting me know,,,, will go back and finish it soon!!! i havent ment any1 whos read it either but im not rlly active in manga communities in the first place,,,, very nice to meet you

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wow these look AMAZING!!!

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Thank you so much!!! ^_^!!

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