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hey, how's life? mine's not the best, I have a project to work on but I've had no time at all to work on it this weekend, and I have to read a book for school but I literally cant because the projects more important than a stupid book? im honestly so overwhelmed and my moms about to find some personal stuff out from my school counselor, and im really nervous. i honestly just hate this school year. ive been going through so much and i feel like i cant relax at all because theres always something going on in my life. i hate it. this summer is gonna be busy as well. im not ready for anything right now tbh. i cant wait until i can finally say "im happy" with no lies at all or anything that will ruin it for me. i cant wait to finally be able to have someone i can talk to without any judgement or desire for me to just leave. i cant wait until i dont have something to hate about everyone in my life. i cant wait until i can admit im not insecure about myself anymore. sorry for venting but i really needed to get this off of my chest and have someone hear what i have to say. im only 13 i feel like i shouldnt be feeling all of this. i miss being upset because i couldnt have another popsicle. 

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