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I'm new! Tips on blog customization?

Hello! I just joined spacehey and I love the customization for profile themes but I have trouble editing html codes. Any tips or good tutorial sources? I'm hoping to learn here to customize my tumblr blog eventually too! Thx! 

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w3school is a rlly good site for learning code like html and css
and this is more spacehey specific but there's a whole group based around customizing layouts , which is useful since blogs here basically use the same code as layout

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FREDDIE!!'s profile picture I've looked through this website before but a lot of doing stuff here is changing pre set things.
When you're writing anything that effects the style of the page you put it in tags and you can probably look through the coding/html blog topic for more tips and stuff!!
when adding images for things like the background you need urls-
if you wanted to customize the bg you could do something like

or instead of that:
background:html basic color name like... pink, purple, indigo etc etc

you can again look through the html blog for changing overall colors but when you wanna change things like pinned or the online icon you have to first remove it before adding another image. you can easily find a changing online icon thing but to change the pinned all you have to do is take the
and turn it into a

when you want to change things on the profile you have to put
like if you wanted to change JUST the contact box color you could go
.profile .contact {
same with url
contact could be anything like
etc etc
you can also change borders to be "none" or have a specific color

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the style tags are
<-style-> <-/style->
(remove the dashes)

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also to add images you go

link for image going into quotes

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thank you so much!! This was incredibly helpful ! :))

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