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Journal Entry #13: 02/25/23

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Man, what a lousy day today was! And despite that, I still have work to do lol (I try my best to do nothing on Saturdays though). Because this week was so short in terms of work, the weekend doesn’t feel earned. Unfortunately, this also means next week will seem to take forever to pass. Hopefully next weekend will be better, and the weekend after that I have spring break! 

Even though I typically use the weekends to draw, I really didn’t feel motivated today. That’s alright, though it feels like every idea I come up with deals with my sona! Though, I did say that it was going to be my year lol

Though there is one way I’ve been curing my boredom, and that’s through this story I’ve been outlining. It’s called Viatora Lua (working title? I’ve had it for years) and the premise is this: Two Luans (alien race) land on a shielded planet where they meet one of their kind, isolated from the mothership. It is with this single Luan’s help and the planet’s forces that they must lead the Luans home to ensure the life and preservation of the Luan race. 

Now I’m not sure if I described that as best as I could, but I’m still working on it. My New Year’s resolution last year was to complete the script for episode I, but I never did that :/ We’ll see about this year. Anyway, it would be animated, and I have some designs, which sit on my account (which is inaccurate now). Maybe I should update the ‘base tomorrow. If I invest enough money overtime, there’s a chance I could afford some voice actors and maybe some animators to make it come to life.

As for what’s happening this upcoming week, I have to attend a concert that my sister and the rest of the high school band is opening for. On Tuesday, I have cap and gown pictures to take. Lastly on Friday is my parent’s anniversary, so they’ll be gone for the evening. 

Oh, also I hope to take more pictures, especially now that spring is almost here. There are so many beautiful things out, maybe searching for good photography subjects will lead me to them.

Boa noite,

AstraGenesis ┈━═

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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