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why isn't anyone commenting on anyone's blogs?

i see new blogs being posted quite frequently, but there's 1 to 0 comments on mostly all of them. 

i lowkey wish they would revert mocospace back into what it used to be with the chatrooms. 

i guess when times flies, people do too. :/

people aren't chatting online anymore unless its to tear someone down, or make them feel bad about the content they've created. 

idk, i guess im just feeling nostalgic about a period in time that'll never make a comeback. but im still holding out hope. :')

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There's definitely something way nostalgic about commenting on someone's blog post. It's a feeling that I haven't felt for a very long time. In a way, what spacehey is trying to emulate feels like what social media should be at it's core. A place to interact with each other, not a place to consume sponsored content and have your data harvested. More comments, more good.

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Yes! the "consume, consume, consume" agenda is making me want to run from it all. but there's nowhere to turn, so i'll settle for spacehey as a get away :')

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Agreed, it feels like most social media posts now are done for shock value and to induce negative comments. However, I’m not really sure blog posts are really meant for discussion? In my opinion, if you’re looking to chat you should look at the forums here (even though I haven’t looked at them myself). I hope meaningful and positive online discussion becomes more commonplace on SpaceHey but also other sites alike :)

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no one comments on the forums either. its a ghost town. :') xD

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Oh. Yeah, I think it may take some time for people who aren’t used to forums and blog posts to get used to actually interacting with each other, I guess

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