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House Hold Cleaning, Stain Remover, Mechanic Mystery Bin 02/17/2022

                                                                Household Cleaning 

I don't know about you but I try to find easier ways to clean with my constant busy schedule that seems to never end. and my mechanic getting grease everywhere and it's never ending even though he washes his hands on a constant. So late at night when everyone else is asleep and I finally the few minutes to myself without hearing " Hey hon have you seen or Hey mommy I need". I find myself scrolling through Pinterest.

 Just last month I stumbled across someone cleaning their house with scrub brushes that have a handle. Honestly It's been a game changer. I used to use the sponges you would get for doing dishes. with the little kids around I'm not able to carry around my cleaning bin the fear of them grabbing some chemical and getting hurt while I'm busy is I try to avoid carrying a whole lot when I clean. 

 I just grab my spray bottle with Fabuloso, or whatever cleaner I need at the time, a rag that my husband forgot was in his pocket from work, ( they are fantastic cleaning rags) and the scrub brush. spray the fabuloso on the wall scrub the wall and whip it off with the rag. Honestly it keeps the kids from trying to play with my cleaning supply bin, and I don't think i'm going through my dish sponges as quick.

and if the brushes get all disgusting and or broke I just get a new one from Dollar General or where ever. 

                                                                Laundry Stain Remover

Does your mechanic ever where their good clothes out and about on his day off and still ends up underneath a vehicle at some point throughout the day, I know mine does and it makes me so made because how does he forget he has good clothes on and then I have to spend the extra time that I really didn't have just to attempt to get the stain out and it's an automatic response as soon as you seem them under a vehicle in there good clothes " yep those are ruined" crosses your mind. 

well it did for me until I got pregnant with our 1st child and my 90 yr old Great Grandmother ( yes you read that right, 90 Years Old, Yes she is still alive Thankfully) Anyways She used this Stain remover when was younger and my Great Grandfather was still Alive and he was also a mechanic ( the love for the mechanic life must be in my blood, Lol) she said it worked like a charm, so I tried it on my little ones clothes and my mechanics work clothes and omg they looked almost new. I love this stuff because it works & it's baby and Kid safe!

what you need: Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, Dawn Dish Soap. 

1 Tablespoon - Baking Soda

1 Tablespoon - Dawn Dish Soap

2 Tablespoons - Hydrogen Peroxide

* Store in a dark container & away from windows because household lights and sunlight can break down the hydrogen peroxide ( which is why Hydrogen Peroxide is in a brown bottle ) 

I found it best to get the clothing item completely wet and scrub the stain remover solution with a soft bristle toothbrush, rinse and the check the stain out before putting it in the washer, also check the stain again before putting the clothing item in the dryer ( it's easier to work the stain out before you put it in the dryer) I Hope this Helps.

                                                                Mechanics Pockets

I swear these mechanics have a bet going on to see who can fit the most stuff in their pockets before the end of the day. Because every time I go to wash his work clothes  the pockets are so full I have to pull the trash can over and get the designated "Mechanic Mystery Bin" which is an old formula container ( the bigger size) just to have somewhere to sort through the trash and put the tools, pens ,sharpies, oil change stickers, lighters, oh and one time he had a computer mouse (you know the ones with usb cord with the little ball inside that comes out when you undo the bottom plastic piece) yep just stuck in his pocket. ( why, the world may never know)  and the mystery bin comes in handy when my mechanic asks if i saw something he needs for work I just hand him the bin and let him go through it. 

But What do I do when it's full? well glad you ask, I wait until the kids go to bed and I sit and go through it, I'll explain my system:

tools, Pens & notebooks - Lunch box

cash - a zipper part of the lunch box or it goes into our vacation box 

loose change - Vacation box 

I hope this helps anyone out there. 


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