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Working the Weekend

I'm spending the night and working all day tomorrow and so I'm chilling with the dog and trying to psych myself up to make a nice edited pretty promo for one of my bazillion rp blogs. I'm not looking forward to the long day but we usually have fun so the only thing I'm really not looking forward to is just how long it'll be. I brought over some movies and we still have to finish the first season of the Muppet Show, and maybe we'll read another chunk of Sandman. We shall see!

And Sunday I'm gonna be doing more bird bone cleaning. I got it mostly cleaned off (although I did lose the ribs and accidentally threw them out when I changed the water sadness) but there's still some stubborn tendons and muscles that don't wanna go. Might get in there with a toothpick to really clean it out, but I'm happy with how it's going, since this is the first time I've ever cleaned off bones.

So yeah, that's my weekend

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