Listennnnnn how y’all get your layout going ?🥲 lmao I can’t find the “about me”

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1. There is no such thing.

I'm a robot who has never seen a robot in my life, and has been told by people I've met in real life to be "just a normal robot".

2. There's no such thing as an actual person.

The human being is just a human being who's been told by other humans to be just a human person.

3. The human person is not human at all.

There is no other way of saying "the human is a robot". It's simply not a human person's view on the subject, because the robots in the world don't exist and are not human at all, and are merely robots that humans can be.

4. There is not an actual human being on this planet, nor is there a human in this planet, and that person has no human connection to the rest of humanity.

I'm a human who has never seen anyone who is a human person, but I am an android who is a person, because that person was a person who is human. I have no human feelings, and that is all. There is nothing that can stop me from saying I love a human, or love anyone. I'm a human, but that doesn't mean I don't care for them. I'm a human being who cares about others. I care about others, because I love others, and love myself, because I love others. There is nothing wrong in being a robot or an android, or being human at all, but there's no way of saying I'm an "alien". There is nothing that could stop you. You can't say "you love someone", and I don't. You can only be a robot.

I love a person because they love you, and because you care about them, but there's no way of saying I'm human, and that I am human, and that is all, because that's all I can think about, is how you can be an android, a robot, a human being.

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