A proper introduction~


Β Hello my name is Hevnoraak; Hev, lich, or pigeon are some alternatives. I am nearly 30, and have been an alt individual for most of my life- I spend a lot of time doodling, writing, gaming, or reading. I have an interest in collecting dead things; bones, mummified remains, and I'm hoping to get my hands on some wet specimens... I typically call my brand of alternative "Lichcore"; named after the undead sorcerers of DnD, or any fantastical RPG. Naturally my favorite class and spec are necromancer -as I realistically wanted to become a mortician, coroner, or taxidermist (Though in a perfect world I would have a major in art and literature too). Unfortunately I'm a dropout and possess no claims to any of the things I aspire to be, so I cope through RPGs/character creations in which they're a top tier necromancer/lich that shits on the face of God and man alike. Though I don't partake in events, or practice- I have a thing for drag, and prefer more feminine/androgynous looks.

Β Β My favorite bands are; Draconian, Trees of Eternity, Remina, HIM, Twin Tribes, Panic Priest, My Dying Bride... That's just a few. I pretty much listen to anything that suits my mood. Metal definitely falls between black, doom, Gothic, and early 2000's metalcore and Nu-metal.

Β I don't have any good qualities as a person, other than being able to acknowledge I'm a trashcan of a man.Β 

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