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[Journaling](Day 34) TURRÓN! TURRÓN! TURRÓN!

Oh oh oh.

Tough day. TOUGH.

Holy hell.


Got to school a bit earlier for once. Aye, why not. Can work with that.

Starting off with math. Holy hell.

Could have gone much much worse.

Should have gone better.



Got out eventually. Barely alive, but alive nonetheless.

The following hour and a half were kind of a blur. Don't remember what I did.

Followed up with Academic English, which went like a breeze, then TOEIC, which was exhausting but went really well. I think.

And then I got home, late. It was around 18h30 when I walked into my building, but then it smelled good in the common area, so I went to see, and the caretaker was hosting a crêpe party. So I went back to my flat, changed, and got back to the party an hour later. Was nice, it's been a while since I ate crêpes.

This day went... Okayish at best. The morning was terrible, the afternoon was exhausting, and the evening was fun but honestly, I was kinda too worn off to care.

Today was ENA day. Turron! TURRON!

I am now sleepy and about to go to bed. Tomorrow is the last of the exams. Programmation.

The day brought me a lot of pain, but to be fair, I was too tired to notice. Just a big apathetic mess.

It is very tired that I end this post, but well fed.

Good night, lone reader. Don't let this world get to your head.

Ah! Wake up (Wake up)
Grab a brush and put a little makeup (A little bit)
Hide the scars to fade away the (Hide the scars to fade away the shakeup)

Why'd you leave the keys upon the table? - Chop Suey!, System Of A Down

Laporte, signing off. Wake up.

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