I must finish reading this book in a few days...

My teacher told my class to read this Agatha Christie's book, "Three Blind Mice and Other Strories", and record a vid talking a little bit abt one of the 9 stories that is in it.

Well, as a book enjoyer and as an Agatha Christie's fan, that wouldn’t be a problem for me, but sometimes there is this time that even wanting to read, I just can't. 

I'm having this time right now. 

I could force myself to read, but that wouldn't be so healthy for my brain and stuff.

When this is happening, I have to start reading veeeery slowly and taking my time, until it's an healthy habit. 

But, the problem is: I need to read the book UNTIL MONDAY. 

I don't think this can be possible.

I stopped reading the two books that I'm reading right now ("Glass Sword", The Red Queen Book 2 by Victoria Aveyard, and "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien) to read the book that I need to read, and I'm still stucked in page 3. 

Does someone has an idea for me to read this as fast as possible? 

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listen to the audio book

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