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This will be a lil intro to me

My name is Victoria but you can call me Vicky or Vic if we're close

I am Bi💁‍♀️

Wants to learn Korean and relearn Spanish but doesn't know how😶

I love me some good anime like Nana and One Piece(the One Piece is real)

Most of the time I just wear jeans and a shirt bc I'm not allowed to have an alternative aesthetic sadly.

Random things about how I look(✧ω✧)

I have medium length dark brown looking hair(tryna grow it out)

I have faint freckles(they get darker the older I am)

I have the most common color of eyes+glasses

I am chubby but s-shaped

Overall average looking:3

More stuff

I remember dates surprisingly well(if it means something to me)

A nerd that enjoys math, history and a ton of anime

Trying to get into sewing/fashion design

I got two pugs and a frenchie

Wake up to the most random messages from me

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