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HELLO!!! (about me but more words)


I'm LeonCantFly. I go by leon or avery, and my pronouns are he/ey/it/xe/crow. 

I write poetry!! Some of its weird and doesn't make sense because it's based off a dream, but I have some that I'm actually proud of, and will post on this account.

I love music!! I listen to most alternative genres of music, except metal because I don't actually know any metal bands. I love indie artists!! I love their cool album covers and their occasional silly little weird song names!!

I'm autistic, and may need tone indicators sometimes. I'm a poet, (god it feels egoistical saying that, but it's technically true), so sometimes the language or type of words I use in my writing blend into my verbal speech and texting style. So, if I sound a bit weird it's because of that.

I'm Indigenous  Australian, so I'm blak, even if I might look white. (search 'rabbit proof fence - unwanted third race' on youtube before you have a go at me for not being 'blak enough'. And if that doesn't explain enough, search 'stolen generation') (sorry for the negativity but some people are really insensitive and mean about this)

If I haven't scared you off, hello!!, and don't hesitate to say hi :)

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