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feb 21 blog ~ partayyyyyy

today (or i guess yesterday at this point ROFL) was my friend's 20th bday!!!

i feel like a LOT of ppl have february birthdays. ppl just luv 2 get down n dirty in may i guess LOL.

anyway, i was invited to the party (more like an intimate get together since it was only 5 ppl who were invited) LITERALLY the NIGHT BEFORE. i didnt even know it was gonna be her birthday the next day. needless to say, my morning was spent trying to make a card and find a gift as fast as possible.

im kinda bad at shopping for gifts, since i usually make gifts by hand (much cheaper LOL) and esp since i dont actually know a lot abt this girl... 

i mean, i consider us to be close friends but we dont rlly talk much abt stuff that we like other than music. and when we talk abt music, its mostly the kinda underground stuff so theres no merch for the stuff she likes at hot topic >_<. so i had a rlly hard time thinking of what to get her. luckily, my sister is home for midterm break so she came with me to the mall to help me figure out what a girl might want. 

she took me to sephora and i was at a complete loss immediately LOL. she kept asking me what my friend likes to wear but honestly i have a horrible memory so i dont really know what stuff she puts on her face. i did know that she wears a lot of like neutral toned stuff so i bought her an eyeshadow thing with different shades of brown and black. 

my sister also took me to a stationary store in the mall. i didnt see much that i thought suited her style that was also within my budget (my sister says ~$30 is a normal gift amount and the eye shadow took up most of that already). i ended up choosing this knife thing with a cat on it since if i know anything about girls its that they like A) cats and B) knives.

finally, since i still had some money left, we stopped by the bookstore and i picked up a cheesy, steamy romance novel, the kind with a long haired shirtless man on the cover. why? bcuz i thought it would be funny LOL. i also bought my sister some coffee at the coffee place nearby as a treat for helping me out today :) (and by "buying" i mean "someone gifted me a gift card and i never drink coffee anyway so i just wanted to use it before it expired" LMAO).

whats funny is that i was actually panicking that i was going to be late, since i had promised to come early to help set up. i speed walked from the campus bus loop allllll the way up to the dorm the party was being hosted at (one of the bday girl's friends lives there). the hill the dorm is on was SO STEEP i was DYING by the time i got up to the girls room, only to find out that i was the first one there... and by first one there i mean that not even the girl who LIVED there was there yet. so i just hunkered down in front of her dorm and waited to be let in for half an hour .-.

the party itself was super fun tho. i got a chance to catch up with the other ppl at the party and we ate some snacks, played uno, pool, and foosball, had some fried chicken, ate a cake the dorm girl's bf made (it was like a strawberry and creme kinda cake. SO GOOD), watched the bday girl open presents, and had some drinks!

i lost uno and pool epically LOL. my excuse for losing pool was that it was my first time playing it. its a lot harder than it looks in the movies! id also never played foosball before that party but my team did a good job on that (dorm girl was CUT THROAT.) 

i think the best part of the party was watching the gifts being opened. the bday girl loved the gifts i gave her!!! i was so worried about her not finding the book funny or not liking the eye shadow (wasnt worried at all abt the cat knife tho. like i said: chicks LOVE cats and knives). she thought the book was hilarious and performed a dramatic reading of one of the steamier chapters (they were having sex in a hot air balloon! than CANT be safe...) she also loved the eye shadow and told me she had actually been eyeing it for a while, so thats another epic win. and obviously she loved the knife.

at the end of the party, we all had some shots. the stuff we were drinking was kinda nasty so i ended up drinking most of it bcuz i didnt rlly care LOL. i just love drinking for the sake of it bcuz i love the warm fuzzy feeling alcohol gives me. i just get so pleasantly sleepy when i drink. i didnt get DRUNK tho, just pleasantly buzzed. even so, im sure that this blog entry is a little nonsensical, so apologies for that LOL. then again, im sure most of my blog entries are more or less kinda gibberish, so im not sure if theres any difference in quality hahahah.

anywayyyy, all in all today was a good day. tomorrow wont be though-- i have to catch up on homework ive been slacking on T-T...

but yeah thats pretty much it. see yaaa

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