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[Journaling](Day 32) God is dead. I have killed him.

Day 2 of exams.

I am in so much pain tonight.

The exams went okayish.

I did somewhat good on physics, and computer architecture saw a couple blunders, I think.

Got home right as it ended. Bought butter and cheese on the way, and then went and collapsed on my bed for an hour.

I need help.

I did fuck all, all day.

Played a bit, was nice.

Watched videos. Read comics. Just kicked back.

And I didn't work.

I'm in a week of exams.

Which have a high chance of defining the next few years of my life, should there be this many to begin with.

I didn't work.

Because I can't work. I don't work.

Where am I going with this?

I managed to keep it far from my mind most of the day.

I managed not to cut. Until tonight.

Said something to someone, something she didn't like. She got visibly snappy. I failed her once more.


I might die.

The good thing is, not a lot will care.

Will you? You, who reads this? Will you? Of course not, why would you? You have more than enough to deal with anyways. You don't need me. You never did.

Farewell, Homo Sapiens. Welcome, Homo Nihili.

This day just brought me heartache.

Tomorrow... We'll see about it tomorrow.

It is broken that I end this post. I am so weak?

Good night, lone reader. We're almost halfway through.

There's a season for the kings to live
We're watching - Watching
The revolution on screens
Time is running - Running
The revolution on screens
And we're waiting - Waiting
Is it a very end of something
Or is it just the beginning - Kings Season, C2C

Laporte, signing off. Don't go down without me.

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