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No More Facebook!

Facebook problem solved – for good, forever!

For some reason (and through some unscrupulous method), my old account from 2016 was somehow reactivated! That’s ironic, considering the last time I was ever on Facebook was near the end of 2016! That was also the year I had made a personal vow to never return to Facebook.


You see: I had Facebook trouble twice in my life. Strike 1 was back in 2010; my FB account was hacked (along with accounts I had on the old MySpace and MSN Hotmail). My contacts/connections were cut off from me, and my reputation was temporarily ruined. Strike 2 was in 2016; I was tricked into a credit-card scam by another user, and it damn near cost me my marriage. So after that entire fiasco, I decided to leave Facebook forever and not wait for Strike 3 to happen.

All of this now brings us to the present day. I was informed that an old account of mine from 2016 was still out there. So I logged on… and lo and behold: my account was still active! So I went into Settings right away and went straight for the Deactivation/Deletion options. Seeing as that just plain Deactivation only disables one’s FB account, I chose the more permanent Deletion option. The next screen gave me hope, as it said that my Facebook account was marked for permanent deletion. This meant: as long as I don’t log in for 30 days, my account will be inactive. Then after the 30 days is complete, my Facebook account is gone for good – forever!

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