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my very sleep deprived autistic penguin ramble

Penguin may be a supervillain, but he’s still just my silly lil guy:)

I adore the symbolism that surrounds him, such as the trick umbrellas and the birds(obviously), and his whole purple gothic businessman attire.
And the Iceberg Lounge even though its mostly seen as a symbol of his failure now, but I still found it to be brilliant!! And I LOVED most of his live-action versions too, I know The Joker is supposed to be the “laughing” villain but Burgess Meredith did it so well</3
Robin Lord Taylor was a great younger penguin too (and SO pretty like omg)
And of course we can’t forget the ICONIC  Danny DeVito, aka the first live-action penguin I’ve ever seen(and instantly fell for)!!!

Batman Returns is one of my favorite Batman film by far!! And one of the main films that got me into DC in general (and I will always love it for that)
I love the role the penguin plays in Batman too and I loveee how resistant his character is (more cockroach than penguin/ref) with how often he fails (P.S Gothams penuin is the best because of how whiny he is and how often u see him crying (I love pathetic men<3)) and his character interactions with The Riddler (riddlebird cannon) and Catwoman and all of the robins hes just so HSHFHGDSDGHSGHDSV /POS
I like how his character can be put into like any scenario and just THRIVE because he’s great at both the comedic campy type character but he can also be taken seriously so well, the fact that he just absolutely prospers living the life of a supervillain-crime boss while also being restless because the moment he has what he wants, he starts wanting something else.

Like he’s literally been the top mob boss in gotham AND the mayor!!
I fully believe that even if he managed to defeat Batman, the Batfamily, and all other supervillains, rule Gotham unrivaled, and become the most powerful man in the whole world, he would still want more. Oswald is a far too perfect fit for a Batman villain. He is nothing more than wants—the wants of a traumatized child who dresses in an exaggerated way of how he thinks a man should look and throws money, toys, force, and temper tantrums at the world until everything makes sense to him.

I absolutely HATE how often I see writers and fans brushing him off or just downright disrespecting him because he is one of Batmans most powerful villains that i think could even stand along-side or rival the Joker. 

And another thing people underestimate about the Penguin is his intelligence, and spite unmatched by any other Batman villain. He just hates so much,, He hates Batman because he just views him as another bully who believes he can control him because he is bigger and stronger. He hates the lower class because of those who tormented him since he was a child. He hates the upper class because they have rejected and mistreated him since childhood andhe has spent so long hopelessly striving to join it anyways. He hates the monsters and supervillains he works with and has to work with. He even hates the very city he’s sacrificed so much for!!
But before all that hate the Penguin is still a gentleman, and that's another reason I adore him. The lone gentleman villain in Batman's rogues gallery, despite the fact that his latest appearances have emphasised his role as a crime boss more than anything else. He has the means, the resources, and the spirit of adventure. I truly admire Oswalds potential. I think it’s so cool that even when he tried the whole ‘hero’ thing out he wasn’t bad at it!!
Anyways all this to say that I think he’s really really cool and yeah – thanks for listening to me ramble (its currently 3:30 am but this man will not leave my brain long enough for me to sleep someone send helpppp)

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You described hiim completely. Penguin will always be one of my favorite villains. I feel that Oswald is a villain that one can empathize with compared to otherones. He has a lot of potential and it irritates me a lot that people underestimate him so much. I love him since the first time I saw him in Btas; and I cried for him in "birds of a feather" (poor thing he just wanted to be loved). And his entire backstory is so good. The Penguin is one of Batman's best villains and I'm so mad he's not being talked about as much as he deserves. I just love him so much <33

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I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes but it's 2:00 am and I'm very sleepy xB

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screaming sorry for not being on for a whole month (I forgot my password again:') ) BUT YESS MY BOY PENGUIN DESERVES THE WORLD !!!!!!!!

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