yandere simulator couldve been better

the concept of yandere simulator is basically 'a schoolgirl will anything it takes to reach her love, and you have to defeat rivals that gets in the way". i kinda want to rewrite the whole thing myself

butttt it seems like the game will never be fully finished!! dont get me wrong, i like the concept, but since its been drawn out so long it just feels lacking... the game itself is incredibly anticlimatic. the main theme is that "schoolgirl will do anything" but the game binds you to only to certian things to avoid making things to easy. even on the first/tutorial rival, its more difficult than it should be to "defeat" her.

and from a storytelling standpoint it just feels kinda.. stagnate? starting with the schoolgirl character you play as, shes is meant to be someone is irrational, but a MAJOR oppertunity was missed was to make her an unreliable narrator who assumes anyone hanging around her beloved is trying to "steal" him from her. ESPECIALLY considering that some of the rivals DEFINATELY should not be romantically interested in him. but in the game, for some reason at least 7 people are interested in him even though??

andand the love interest is INCREDIBLY boring. like i get its supposed to be a play on the boring harem protagonist trope, but i still dont like it!! give him some personality. maybe hes trying to find himself out joins a bunch of clubs in an attempt to find himself and meets the rivals there!! 

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Starlight Savannah

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I still kinda like Yandere Sim... Even though it'll likely never get completed and the developer is a crudball, the game is a unique concept and is still fun imo. I mainly just play it for the prequel 1980s mode, which is more finished than the main game and has an ending! Plus it lacks the creepy panty-shot mechanic, that's gross and weird.

It's pretty👌🏾for a free game.
If they tried to charge for it, however... Lmao hell no-

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