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Opinions on bees knees please?
Do you have any pets?
How high can you count?
Are you tall?
Would you rather eat cold soup or cold spaghetti?
How much icing is there?

that is all for now.

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1. Honestly, idk
2. I have a dog!
3. probably up to 900,000,00 cuz my words sometimes get messed up there the longer the words are
4. I'm average
5. cold soup
6. idk

by ☯︎LN's_Workspace☯︎; ; Report


Answer to last question issss
not 1 icing!
Not 2 icing!
NOT 3 icing
There is there (3) icing.

by Axis; ; Report

Ohhh ok! and yes I have a dogg

by ☯︎LN's_Workspace☯︎; ; Report