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[Journaling](Day 31) The tunnel has a window.



I think I need help


Fuck that day.

Started off with a bang, a 2-hour exam on algorithmics. PAIN.

I got there eventually. But it was tough. Real tough.

REAL tough. Fucking Binary Trees. I hate them.

But I managed. Will get a... somewhat ok grade? Probably?

Then came the SECOND exam. Oh fuck.


Oh fuck.

That was a disaster. An unmitigated disaster.

Not a complete and unfixable one, but a disaster for sure.


I hate differential equations.

Yep, as you could've guessed. Tough morning.
Bloody morning. Literally.

I managed.

I got to a friend then. A good old pal I haven't seen in months. Was nice. When I arrived, I could barely stand on my feet. He sat me down on the couch as he finished cooking, then served me a dish. Potatoes with some bacon and onion.
Nothing much, but it made me feel good.
It was not what I deserved, but what I needed.
And I had a blast.

I had an amazing afternoon.

Of playful banter, deep discussions, memes, and me tickling the shit out of his sorry ass (he asked for it).

It was a great afternoon. I felt much better. And we both did so.
Even more so, given that I was probably the first person he saw since his parents.

It was good. It was fun. I needed it. I needed it badly. I felt sick. I was dying. It was a momentary reprieve.

Eventually, I had to leave. Rolled a d20 on how my evening would go. Rolled a 10. Heh.

As soon as I stepped out of the building, got a call from the MOTHERNODE.


Got through it. Hurray for Hypocrisy.

Bought pasta and tangerines. Confused the cashier. "Good evening, sir-ma'am-sir?"
Hehehehe Chaos.

I did feel good about it. Maybe I can make it work.

Next was the Lightsaber class. Was defeated time and time again. I didn't shine this time but it was okay.

And here I am, home and tired.

I need some sleep, I'm leaving now.

This day brought me so much pain, but also so much joy.

Tomorrow we go back to the scheduled suffering.

It is exhausted that I end this post.

Good night, lone reader. Let's walk through this week, one day at a time.

Into the light, i see it fight
Into the light, a new horizon
Bleached into white, kept out of sight
Bleached into white, kept out of sight - ...And Again Into the Light - Panopticon

Laporte, signing off. Hoping I'll be back tomorrow.

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