introducing me

so ig i gotta introduce myself so people know i actually exist lmao.

hello! i am elliott (they/them), a person of many nicknames such as:
and so on.
i am from the great land of potatoes, USA and i’m currently a junior in high school (11th grade).
i turned 17 in december (fun fact i share a birthday with alex gaskarth of all time low) and i currently have two rats, two dogs and also a duck that chills in my backyard. also don’t be surprised at how often i damage something on me, i’m very accident prone lmao.
i am taken by a dumbass i think her name is megan or atomic idk i don’t pay attention to her /j
i’m a chill person who loves alt music, art, broadway shit, animals and making stupid memories. enjoy

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𖤐 Megan 𖤐

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pffff atomic what kind of nickname is that. sounds gay /j

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you exist????? i had no idea!

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