February 19th 2023

Today was the day! The day I finished cleaning my room and finally picked up my new bookcase!  

It took a whole weekend but now my room is finally clean.  I don't think I've ever seen it this clean before.  I'll put some photos below of my favorite parts.

The first photo is the wall by my bed.  I have a quilt hanging up to cover past wall damage and a lamp I made out of a baby doll head.  The second photo is of my new vanity.  I really like the three mirrors design it has.  The third photo is of my nightstand and bookcase.  I love that the bookcase looks like a dollhouse.  The last photo is of my dresser.  She looks a bit cluttered but once I figure out where to put some of this stuff she'll look a lot better.

I've completely redecorated my room but she's still not done.  I'd like to get more shelves to display my dolls on as well as find a Disney princess TV set.  I'll look for them more later tonight; As a reward for finishing my room I'm going to buy Disney Dreamlight Valley for my switch.  Super excited!!

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