February 18th 2023

Apologies for not writing yesterday.  I was very busy and got home very late.  

Today was sadly another very busy day.  

This entire weekend has been planned to be a cleaning, rearranging, and decorating weekend.  My mother decided this since her and father needed a new bed.  Though I wasn't excited for a weekend full of cleaning the room I've been neglecting, I took the chance to replace some furniture and redecorate my room.

I ordered a new vanity as mine was too big for what I needed and put it together with my lover today.  Together we removed my old art desk as I didn't ever use it.  My lover left after my mother volunteered him too much.  

During that time, I tried to finish my room.  So far I have my bed and the floor cleaned.  Tomorrow me and my lover are going to pick up my new bookshelf.  After he drops me and the bookshelf off I'm going to go through my current books and remove my current bookshelf.  Once the bookshelf is in there, I'll move my decor shelf to the other end of my bed and replace it with a nightstand.

I'm excited for my room to be finished tomorrow!  Hopefully everything goes to plan and the seller doesn't cancel again.

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