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I lost a spicy chicken wrap,My Bluetooth earbud and possibly a spot in a university ADHD ?

Yesterday was a day full of forgetfulness. At lunchtime, I decided to buy this big ass wrap and I was so excited to eat it but I noticed that my shoe was untied so I tied it and went outside then I realized I didn't have that chicken wrap in my hand so now I'm looking for it all over the school tears are forming in my eyes. I cannot find the chicken wrap! I'm asking my friends now if you've seen a chicken wrap. I'm trying to retract my steps but I cannot find it And even when class begins I'm still looking for it, cuz I spent money on it I'm looking for that wrap but I just could not find it. At the end of the day, I was just so disappointed with myself that I lost a whole ass wrap just because I wasn't paying attention. I hope somebody found it and had a good meal out of it. When I get back home I'm sitting around when I realized that I forgot to pay the confirmation deposit for KPU they said that the confirmation deposit is due no later than February the 16th. it was the 17th at the time that I realized,(PS KPU was the only university I applied to) So now I'm all stressed out and I don't know what to do I think I'm probably going to call them a bunch and plead with them. It seems like no one in my life really cares that much they only care about if I get in and In my situation, I'm not the one who is dealing with the money situation I depend on my parents so when I tell my mother On the 16th that we need to pay the deposit she doesn't even want to talk about it cuz she wants to focus on something else so I forget about it and then now it's the 18th and I'm still trying to contact them, I just feel so disappointed that I just forgot everything. Now more recently I fell asleep with my earbuds in and I could only find one of them and I'm just freaking out cuz my room is like a big ass mess and I'm telling you like it's really bad and I'm trying to find it but it's it seemed to just disappear like I cannot find it for the life of me and I'm just so stressed out right now because you usually If you ever catch me IRL I will probably have my earbuds in but I cannot find this left earbud and I'm just so bummed out about it. this has happened before too. I'm just a mess right now It's not even funny My room is a complete disaster I still need to complete deadlines, I still need a hand in homework, I need to apply for scholarships and I just don't get how to balance them all, I never understood how can you have a clean room, good grades, keep up with your personal hygiene and keep up with your relationships at the same time! that just doesn't seem realistic to me I know it sounds weird but it's not realistic to me. and not too long ago my school counsellor brought up the fact that I might have ADHD at first I didn't believe her because I'm not hyperactive I'm very quiet, and I'm an artist so I usually focus a lot but then she brought up the inattentive side and I started to see it and I did bring it up with my mom but he just doesn't she doesn't believe me and now that these events have happened I really want is just to know if there might be an underlying cause or am I just a dumbass.

*Sorry if my spelling or grammar awful*

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