weird dreams

I’ve had dreams for a little while lately where it feels so real, where  my clothes in the dream would be the clothes id wear to bes, and things that I need to do in the dream would reflect anything i need to do in rwal life like assignments getting up to college and etc which is so freaky? Because none of these dreams have been good its been constant dreams where I’m physically ill and one also included my mother basically on her last breath but still serving me ( which is my worst nightmare because i love her a lot ).

I think me being physically ill in these dreams could mean having a fear of a lack of control maybe or helplessness 

Idk what this was, maybe a rant of ramble

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this reminds me of the horror movie called last night in soho (sort of)

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Never seen this but ill check it out (lie)

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me too!! i get morning routine and school dreams all the time. my friends also show up in my dreams a lot. like the other day i had a dream where i had lunch with my old friend who moved away. and last night i dreamt my friend took me to an ice skating rink and i got a bad bruise on my right ankle. it was super weird cuz when i woke up i felt a sting in that same place.

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That sounds so freaky wtf with the sting being felt in real life , I think some people i talked to irl also feel the same its rlly weird because all of a sudden dreams are being super hyper realistic and not all that good either

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i remember one time my friend said they had a dream voldemort tried to kill them and when they woke up they had a headache so it's gotta be some kinda phenomenon

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I think people mention thats shifting but idk whether that’s believable or not

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lol we have the same pfp of vibing cat

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