first blog post!

hey there ^__^

Im Allie, & this is my 1st time blogging, so im gonna talk a little bit abt myself 


☆ books ☆

I think im the biggest book enjoyer of all my friends group, cuz yk, books are so so cool! I could spend hours of my life talking only about my favorite books and listen to people talking about their favorites, as long we both talk in the conversation, I hate when ppl only talk and never let me say anything or ask anything because it is like a monolog. 

My favs are Riordanverse books, The Raven Cycle, Red Queen, Conectadas (it's brazilian), Battle Royale, The Selection, etc.

☆ TV ☆ 


I would say that my favorite TV show is friends, or maybe Anne With an E. 

Yeah, those r great. 

I'm very very veeeeryyyy excited about the Percy Jackson TV series that is going to come out next year. 

I also like those Disney Chanel and Nickelodeon series that have this laughing in the background like they have in friends, such as Victorious, ICarly, Liv & Maddie, Hannah Montana, Jessie, etc. 


here is a little list of some movies that I like:

- Harry Potter 

- Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit 

- Indiana Jones - There is this song tantantantam tanatantan tantatatan tantararantan tan tararan tararan tarantantantan. I was used to love it when I was younger. 

- Grease 

- Parents Trap - I remember that i was seven/eight years old, there was nothing 2 watch, then this movie started. I got obsessed with it, and I rewatched it almost everyday with my parents and my grandma

- Studio Ghibli movies - Those movies... Those ones are magical. You cry, laugh, have a time to breathe and just appreciate the beautiful things that are there all the time, but we dont usually have time apreciate when we are watching other movies. There are also great characters and beautiful worlds and amazing stories. Oh if my life were one of those... I would have the best life that someone could ever have. It's just so amazing.


I like lots of cartoons, but my favorites are Steven Universe, Over The Garden Wall, My Little Pony, Helluva Boss, Coraline (ik that its a stop motion, but I'm putting in this category cuz i dont watch stop motion a lot), voltron, dragon prince, Shrek, invader zim, Barbie movies, Shera, Dungeon & Dragons, etc.

I also like some animes, like banana fish, wonder egg priority, InuYasha, Evangelion & saiki kusuo.

☆ hobbies ☆

I enjoy drawing, dressing different looks, doing gyaru make, reading, watching TV, solving puzzles, etc.


I'm in scene and gyaru subcultures, and I'm starting in emo.

Live, laugh & be a scene kid! 

I also enjoy a lot goth culture, but I don't think it's for me.

★ LIFE!!! ★ 

I wouldn't say that i have A LOT of friends, but I have some, and I love being their friend, and thatz what rlly matters. 

My best friends are Maria Clara (Clarinha), Jonah, Liam & maybe Isa.

I'm 14yo, and my birthday is in the June 24th.

I live in Brazil, and I love it here, but I wish i lived in the UK. 

I'm agender and bissexual (don't have preference, everything is great to me)

I have a fish named paimon, and I wish I had a snake, lots of cats (at least one sphynx cat), some dogs, a guinea pig, laboratory rats, a lizard, a iguana, a bunny and an axolotl. 

I have ADHD and anxiety, and I hate it. But I take remedies that help and I have medic help to control my anxiety, my hiperativity, and help me to pay attention in stuff. 

I'm ENTP & choleric-sanguine.

I think that it's everything.


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