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[Journaling](Day 28) Blessed be the fallen.

I forgot to blog again. Sorry~!

Well, forgot isn't the right word.

I was drunk again. Yup.
Hey in my defense sometimes you have to find ways to have a better time than you're having right now.

So I went to school in the morning, very tired. Didn't sleep enough. On par for the course.

I got there and ended up doing fuck all on the couch for the bigger part of the practical session. I did get places on the practical, but nothing too impressive.

As soon as I stopped working, I beelined straight home. I needed rest, and I got some.
Slept for an hour as soon as I got back in bed. I needed that.

Afterward, I got back up, to work on the practical, but also work on maths. I got some notions I was struggling with, so I'm happy about that. Progress!

Then, I played a couple missions on DRG with a pal, to follow up with a 5D Chess game. I ended up so lost in thought I didn't see the time, and not only did I lose, but I was also late for the meeting at the bar with my friends. I sped myself up to get there, about 20 minutes late.

No matter.

Drank a couple beers, and had an overall great time. Then, we move to another bar to have karaoke, but some of them had sweatpants on and that would break the dress code. So we got thrown out, and the gang split up then. We all made our merry way home. I got home, wanted to eat a bit, and ended up collapsing on my bed.

Fell asleep like that.

That day brought me a bit more pain and suffering, but it was nothing unusual.

I ended this day drunk and tired.

Good day, lone reader. Enjoy this week-end.

The war is won
Before it's begun
Release the doves
Surrender love - The Phoenix, Fall Out Boy

Laporte, singing off. Smells ya later.

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