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Everything's all toe beans and whiskers

I haven't been on this website in about a year! I am glad to see it still exists, though sad that it seems to have fizzled out for a lot of people (like, um, me). It looks like not many people on my friends list are active anymore.

My life has changed a lot since I last wrote on this blog. I'm not a teacher anymore, for one. I work at an animal rescue center now. I love my new job, though I feel anxious because I am still new at it and I genuinely want to do well, and I hate not knowing everything already. I'm also feeling anxious right now because my boyfriend has been having some frightening health issues. I just want to find out what's going wrong with him and make sure he'll be okay. I get a sinking sensation in my stomach every time I think of it, like I'm on a roller coaster or experiencing bad turbulence on an airplane.

I haven't read any books in a long time, which is unlike me. Instead I have been reading the Scary Go Round comics from start to finish, and I guess I'm about halfway through now. My brain feels cramped lately; it's been so super busy discarding entire databases of knowledge that are now irrelevant to my life (student names, guardian names, classroom management strategies, silly songs, etc.) while also absorbing and organizing vast amounts of brand new information (cat and dog adoption procedures, how to set up a new animal, resources I can refer people to on phone calls, etc.)

Today I helped a woman obtain free prescription medications for her dog. When she came to pick up the meds, she was so grateful that she gave me a hug. I am mostly interested in helping save these animals, but the human aspect of this work is nice too. It's very important to me that the work I do is helpful and makes the world a better place. And I'm happy to have a job that lets me accomplish that without getting a chair thrown at me.

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A fulfilling job is very important and that you feel it making a difference in your life.

Carry on ...

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