Reading: Hannibal Rising

So I finished Hannibal Rising today. I was in a bit of a reading slump and took a few days off from reading, but somehow pushed myself today and read about 150 pages to finish it. 

So here's my spoiler free review:

I really enjoyed this book, but that's no surprise considering I loved the rest of the series. Hannibal Lecter is in a way a Mary Sue character. He's perfect... He knows several languages, has 6 fingers on one hand, maroon eyes, his teachers have all believed him to be brilliant. His one downfall being of course a cannibalistic murderer. In the final book in the series we learn how he came to be that way. It's funny that we know he is a cannibalistic murderer, yet when we find out why it almost makes you want to root for him. Overall I give this book a 5 stars and the series earned a permanent spot on my shelf. I know it is a series I will reread down the line and find new details I missed during the first reading. Thomas Harris has a complex writing style that for me was intriguing and kept my interest the whole time.


I'm one of those awful people that when I give a book 5 stars I tell people, "You'll have to read it and find out." So yeah, read it and find out.

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