Horror Movies =3

recommend me your fav underrated horror movies pls(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

 I need movies other than found footage bc I already know all of them LoL :D

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martyrs 2008 that movie was so fucked

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we're all going to the world's fair, tag (2015), pulse (2001), killing of a sacred deer!

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omg thanks =3

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report

i'd love to watch some new found footage movies! wut r ur favs?

by android; ; Report

i rly like noroi, Grave Encounters, Hell House, Okaruto, The Borderlands, the tunnel, [rec] and As Above, So Below

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report

added to my watchlist!

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wren </3

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incantation is really good! it's on netflix and it's in mandarin , there's an eng dub but i dont recommend it the dub is really bad lel

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*there are subtitles in english tho x3

by wren </3; ; Report

I watched it a few days ago and it was amazing!!!=]

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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squidwards suicide!
i was so scared watching it
i still have a trauma to this day

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lol (T▽T)

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report