February 16th 2023

The weather was so nice today!  The temperature was in the seventies!  The weather made me really happy, I can't wait for summer.

Work went by alright.  We had contractors come in to replace our old ovens and fryers.  For some reason, they didn't bring their own tools so they had to borrow my entire box.  It was so messy by the end of the day!  

After work I went to my lover's house.  We were supposed to pick up a bookshelf today but the lady had plans so we're picking it up tomorrow.  

We cuddled and went out to Panera for dinner.  I wanted Chik-Fil-A but his father was adamant on paying for all of us so I went wherever he chose.  I got the spicy chicken sandwich, which I realized later was very high calorie.

Speaking of calories and such, I reached my first goal weight!  I weigh two-hundred and nine pounds as of this morning.  For celebration I ordered myself a new bag.  I have a list on Amazon for all my weight goals.  If I can get through this diet successfully, which I will since tomorrow is the last day of it, I'm going to buy myself a new phone case.

Tomorrow at work we have to start moving the library.  It's supposed to be packed up, but people there never want to do anything to help maintenance.  I wish I could call out, but I can't because I need to pick up that bookshelf tomorrow.  Hopefully one of the places I applied to reaches out to me.

I applied to more places today that I'll call into tomorrow.  With summer coming up I really want a job that my parents won't be pissed about me spending nights somewhere else during workdays.  It would also be nice to be able to lie about going to work and instead going out again.

I'm young and in my early twenties!  Let me make mistakes and live my life as a twenty-year-old!

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